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Sonivox Plug-ins And Instruments Now Shipping

Published: Wednesday 11 July 2012

Sonivox products are in just about every modern studio going. It’s hardly a surprise – the range of virtual instruments the company engineer are long-acclaimed, spanning genres and styles. Affordable enough to be within reach of the bedroom producer and seasoned pro alike, there’s absolutely something that any sound engineer or arranger will be interested in. We now have the full range of stock available at, so we thought we’d trumpet this by taking you through everything on offer.

Sonivox Wobble

To get more WUB in your mixes, it’ll certainly be helpful to preside over a synthesis engine capable of adding that classic wobble to your drum’n’bass, dubstep and grime tracks. Sonivox Wobble is a simple interface that will get you results without the need for gigantic amounts of tinkering. It’s perfect for the modern urban producer who needs ease and efficiency as well as sound quality.

Sonivox Vocalizer

Vocalizer turns your vocals into soundscapes and harmonies with this audio synth engine specifically designed to capture the unique tones of your voice and expand them into ethereal, powerful and unique tracks. A must for the producer thinking about the voices on their record from a more grandiose point of view.

Sonivox Twist

Sonivox Twist is perfect for pop, hip-hop and electronica production, making good use of spectral imaging technology and allowing you to utterly mangle your sounds or simply tweak certain frequencies within them. It’s an intuitive simple interface that will work perfectly with absolutely any external audio, and a great way of bringing a sonic palette to the mix that remains unique to you.

Sonivox Dubstep Destruction Tools

The Dubstep Destruction Tools pack contains the three plug-ins mentioned above and adds the mighty Pulse, a 64-virtual-pad, MPC-style interface that’s absolutely perfect for importing, remixing and arranging samples. The full collection will be a perfect boon for anyone who wants to dive headfirst into the genre that listeners, artists and producers are all keen to get the jump on.

Sonivox Big Bang

This collection of cinematic percussion has been lovingly recorded directly from the hands, sticks, beaters and brushes of world-acclaimed professional performers. You have a huge amount to work with through an easy-to-use interface, and it’s all you need both for song and score arrangement.

Sonivox Sampla

Sampla is a hip-hop-specific sample chopping, slicing and creation machine. While the large collection of samples is aimed at those immersed in hip hop production, it’s the fluidity and ease with which samples can be invented, reinvented and mangled that make this an intriguing proposition for just about any sound engineer.

Sonivox Playa

450 instruments and an interface that makes it simple as anything to apply them – this hip hop producer’s virtual salvation comes in at a very friendly price and will provide everything the modern urban producer needs.

Sonivox Playa Hip Hop Strings

To get specifically involved with strings within your Hip-Hop production, this pack is capable of anything from aggressive stabs to languid, dreamy backing arrangements. With easy methods of creating solo instruments and ensembles alike, it’s a great way of heading straight into an accomplished, professional sound without demanding too much of a learning curb.

By Rob Sandall

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