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Sonodyne Monitor Pairs with Free Vibropads

Published: Thursday 16 August 2012

DV247 has recently seen the arrival of Sonodyne monitors, and as we’ve been yet to talk about this affordable yet notably-high-quality range of speakers we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of the models and deals available, specifically those that also give you free Vibropad II’s worth £34.99 thrown in with the deal!

Sonodyne SM50AK Active Monitors & Vibropads Sonodyne SM100AK Active Monitors & Vibropads Sonodyne SM200AK Active Monitors & Vibropads Universal Acoustics Vibro Pads

The Sonodyne SM range comes in 5", 6.5" and 8" varieties depending on the range you need while you’re mixing and the size of studio you’re working within. Whichever size you think is best, Sonodyne draws significant attention to the materials used in construction – Kevlar cone woofers mounted in composite poly-frames alongside silk-dome, ferro-fluid-cooled tweeters (the largest model has a metal dome with custom waveguide instead), all housed within twin-ported, vented enclosures.

Control wise, you’re looking at volume/gain, a bass and treble tilt and bass roll-off. This combined with the attention to detail and material selection for the monitors makes for a crisp and clear sound that’s capable of dealing with high pressure without distorting.

They’re good value for money in singles or as a pair, and even more so when you take advantage of the excellent vibropad bundles available. These pads isolate and decouple your monitor from the surface you have it mounted on, allowing your sound to be free of extra colourations.

The addition of the pads makes the Sonodyne bundle particularly interesting, especially since they’re effectively included for free when you buy the pair. The deal is available for all three of the monitor sizes, linked above!

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