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Sontronics give away STC-10 with STC-2X

Published: Wednesday 02 May 2012

Please note - this offer has now expired

Sontronics have put together a new deal with sees the STC-2X Large Condenser bundled with an absolutely free STC-10 Small Diaphragm condenser microphone. It’s a great deal for those of you who either need to stock up on new studio mics or are making in-roads into putting together your first proper recording rig.

Sontronics Offer

The mics complement each other perfectly, and considering the fact that the STC-2X has already become a firm favourite in studios despite Sontronics only just marking their 5th Anniversary, it’s adding value to something you’ll already likely be after buying. The large condenser is a multi-pattern model which delivers a powerful and clear sound across vocals and acoustic instruments – a two-stage low-cut and two-stage attenuation switch add serious adaptability for your studio work.

The absolutely free STC-10 is a counterpoint for recording drums, percussion and acoustic instruments among other applications. The attenuation and low-cut filters are present here (one-stage only) as well, so between the two microphones you’ll have your bases covered.

Just for good measure, there are both black and silver versions of the STC-2X to choose between. You get the STC-10 with either, so it comes down entirely to colour preference. It’s a great deal, and a bundle that will be helpful in particular to those with project studios who need to flesh out their microphone options. Simply pick your favourite colour microphone from the links above and you’ll get the smaller-diaphragm model completely free.

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