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Owain from 2Twenty2 shows us exactly how to use the incredible new F1 with Traktor 2.5 Remix Decks.

NI Traktor Control F1 Tutorial

We've been very lucky indeed to have Owain from 2Twenty2 in to demo the brand new Traktor Kontrol F1, an incredible add-on remix controller for Traktor. It's Remix-Deck control, which works with the brand new features inside Traktor 2.5, allowing you access to a beastly 64 samples or audio clips at any one time.

Owain takes us through the interaction between the brightly lit sample pads and controls present on the F1 and the on-screen libraries and sample arrangements. He covers the way the filters work, and helps us understand the process of assigning samples and how to trigger, mute and mix samples. It's important for anyone who's yet to make the jump to 2.5, but is also an education for complete Traktor novices.

You can listen to Owain build tracks and drop samples in and out – he's got a knack for explaining each process simply and effectively. It certainly makes the F1 an attractive proposition, so if you're interested in remixing and want to try a new tack, then take a look at the video for a proper tour of this stunning controller.

See The In -Depth F1 Remix Tutorial Here

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