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Novation Double Synth Announcement

Published: Thursday 20 April 2017

Peak & Circuit Mono Station Coming Soon

There has been some exciting news from Novation, who have revealed two new synthesizers to be released in the near future. Exact details and dates are currently unknown, but the information that has already been leaked is certainly intriguing.

The Peak is an 8-voice polyphonic desktop synthesizer, with each voice having access to a resonant multi-mode analogue filter and three “New Oxford Oscillators”. The analogue signal chain also has three distortion points, whilst the oscillators in the Peak gain 17 digital wavetables, all the while retaining an analogue sound. Fans of vintage and analogue gear will find themselves immediately at home with the Peak’s interface, its face largely taken up by a selection of control knobs and sliders to configure its intelligent modulation process. MIDI In/Out, 5-Pin DIN and USB connectivity will all be included, so you can just plug in to your PC or Mac and start playing.

The Circuit Mono Station is a paraphonic analogue synthesizer based on Novation’s own Bass Station II engine. The 32 velocity sensitive RGB pads are still present towards the lower edge of the face, alongside 8 circular pad buttons which provide quick access to some of the Mono Station’s most used parameters. Up to 64 patches can be saved and loaded from the device, the modulation system allowing complex routing and alterations with a 4x8 matrix. Three distortion modes and high/low/band pass filters round out this very versatile and intuitive synth.

We are hoping to hear that this pair will be shipping around mid-May or early June, but once the facts are known we will pass the information on. See our product pages below for more information regarding the Peak and Circuit Mono Station.

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