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UAD Apollo Thunderbolt Card is Finally Here

Published: Wednesday 19 September 2012

UAD Thunderbolt Option Card for Apollo interfaces: It’s felt like an achingly long time since we first heard about the awesome potential of Thunderbolt technology, and the announcement of the UAD Apollo Duo and Quad – and their pending Thunderbolt card – piqued that excitement.

UAD Apollo Thunderbolt Option Card is here

And now it’s here. The Thunderbolt Option Card fills the slot in the back of your Apollo hardware and lets you hook up to your Mac desktop computer – or more importantly laptop or even Mini – at lightning-fast speeds. Giant DSP with next-to-no latency. Mighty UAD plug-in setups that won’t turn your processors to mince and the potential of unrivalled power for portable rigs. More plug-ins running simultaneously than ever before, whatever. Everything you’ve ever wanted to pull off but have never had the hardware to support. It’s all here, in this seemingly innocent card.

UAD Apollo Thunderbolt Option Card Closeup
The Thunderbolt option card's two ports are uniquely capable of bus-powering multiple processors, harddrives and display monitors.

More power down the line

The Thunderbolt Option Card is more powerful than anything before it – the bus power it provides travels down the line in series. So you can hook up a hard drive and a processor at the same time without any additional power supply. You can still use the UAD’s FireWire ports to connect other devices should you so wish, so it purely augments everything already good about your studio and takes nothing away.

Apollo Duo and Thunderbolt Bundle Apollo Quad and Thunderbolt Bundle

This writer never uses the word epic. But with the UAD Thunderbolt Option Card it’s justified. USB is surely on its way out of the pro studio, but it also suggests a sea-change in production standards in bedroom and project studios who’ll be able to use so many more plug-ins than ever before. And we’d like to hope that it’s only a matter of time before a Thunderbolt option card for PC appears, too. Mac users will be falling all over these right away, however, so place an order to get ahead of the curve!

By Rob Sandall

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