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Wireless Systems: Are You Ready for 2012?

Published: Wednesday 20 October 2010

In January 2012 (November 2012 London) you will no longer be able to use a Channel 69 Microphone in the UK. You may however be entitled to government funding towards a new system.

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Am I affected?

If you own a wireless microphone system that has more than four individual, simultaneously operable channels it is more than likely a Channel 69 system. Channel 69 has been sold off by the UK Government and from November 2012 (London) and January 2012 (the rest of the UK) the current, licence-only frequencies held within channel 69 will be illegal to use.

All wireless systems currently sold by DV online or in store are currently UK legal to own and use with a licence, channel 69 (up to 2012) and Channel 38 (in certain UK regions). And free, channel 70 up to 2012 and beyond. 2.4 GHz wireless systems are also unaffected.

Ofcom has allocated channel 38 for wireless performance system use which, even though available now only works in certain parts of the UK. Find out more if a channel 38 wireless system will work before 2012 in your area . Due to this change in regulation, DV now only offer a limited warranty on all wireless products up to Dec 31st 2011 that operate within channel 69.

Channel 69 wireless products are not covered as part of our unique 4 year warranty.

Am I entitled to funding to help me buy a new, Compatible Microphone?

Some customers will be entitled to funding if they fulfill a certain criteria.

To be eligible for funding, a user must have HELD A LICENCE to use channel 69 equipment on 2 February 2009 (this was when notice of clearance of channel 69 was issued), or in the 12 months before this date. The only exception to this requirement is companies who can prove their business involves hiring out, rather than using, equipment which needs a channel 69 licence.

Users will only be able to receive funding for working equipment that tunes to channel 69 but not channel 38. They must have bought that equipment BEFORE 30 June 2009.

This funding will only be offered to applicants this year. IF YOU QUALIFY FOR FUNDING YOU MUST GET YOUR APPLICATION IN BEFORE 31st DECEMBER 2010.

How do I apply for funding and how much will I receive. (White Rabbit Records Ltd) is not responsible for claims or payment of funds and is simply trying to communicate to our customers any information they may find useful on this subject.

Please visit for full application details and information on how much funding you may be entitled to.

What should I buy now?

Several systems are currently available for use before and after the digital switch over. Which one applies to you depends on several factors.

How many systems you intend on using simultaneously?

Which type of transmitter you wish to use? (i.e Headset/Handheld/Lavalier/Guitar or Instrument.)

And, what part of the UK you are using the system?