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Yamaha MX-88 Stage Piano/Synthesizer

Published: Thursday 04 May 2017

MX-88 Stage Piano/Synthesizer is Now Shipping

Yamaha’s MX-88 is a full-size 88-note graded hammer action digital piano and synthesizer, packed with all manner of features and technology to appease the modern musician. Much of the MX-88’s digital processing has been taken directly from Yamaha’s celebrated MOTIF series of synthesizers, and produces full and rich instruments with focused lows and crystal highs. The MX-88 is light enough to be used as a portable live instrument, so employing its 1000+ synth voices during performance is no problem. String instruments like guitars and basses, as well as drums and percussion are all covered by this versatile keyboard.

Included free with the MX-88 are Cubase AI and Cubasis LE2, providing anyone owning this beast with recording software applicable to any situation. Find out more detailed information from our page below, or on Yamaha’s own page here.

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