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iZotope Releases Alloy 2 for Better Mixes

Published: Thursday 16 August 2012

Mixing plug-ins come in their multitude, so it’s no bad thing when one specific company is able to produce a package that covers all of your bases in one go, and can provide you with every tool you might need when sitting down to doctor your mix at the highest quality. Welcome iZotope’s Alloy 2.

iZotope Alloy 2

Of course, iZotope have form for this sort of thing, having already been responsible for the recent mastering update, the thoroughly excellent Ozone 5. The original Alloy plug-in is also well known as a stand-out product in the mixing world, so with news of a sequel newly launched, it’s bound to be snapped up by a host of producers and sound engineers.

The new Alloy 2 update collects six modules – equaliser, dynamics, exciter, de-esser, transient shaper and limiter – bringing pinpoint-accurate digital clarity but allowing the natural character of analogue emulation simultaneously.

Like Ozone, colourful and dynamic metering options allow you to see every change you’re making to your mix, and in fact the GUI is perhaps one of the finest currently on the market – there’ll be a full review up on DV247 soon enough – allowing you to select from hundreds of presets or take your editing far, far deeper, with a huge amount of chaining and routing options for good measure.

iZotope Alloy 2 brings together everything the avid mix engineer needs under one easily-controlled and monitored interface. To give you a better idea of quite how powerful it is, here’s iZotope’s own video.

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