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We’ve spent a bit of time with various sE Electronics mics this week, and it occurred to us that it would be worth considering the pros and cons of using solid state FET mics against their valve counterparts. This is because alongside the likes of the Gemini MKII and MKIII mics, sE also produce the cute-but-powerful G3500 microphone.

SE Electronics G3500 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Built to the same exacting standards as the Gemini models, and using the same capsule, it plumps for a solid state circuit as opposed to one featuring a valve. It’s ideal if you’re looking to put a crisper, clean edge on a sound you love, whether you’re recording tight clinical or vocal takes, want to bring an acoustic guitar to the foreground or get a breezy snap out of your drums.

With a shock mount and aluminium flight case included in the deal, it’s a powerful choice for a producer, especially when paired with a Gemini equivalent. That way, you can have a cohesive recording tone across the board while alternating between the warmer valve and tighter FET options.

Oh the other hand, it’s worth noting quite how much cheaper this microphone is than the Geminis – you’re saving a huge amount of money to take advantage of a professional build and high-quality audio.

To pick up the tough workhorse of a mic that is the sE G3500 go here, while the Gemini MKII is here, the MKIII here.

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