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sE Microphone Deals at DV247 this Summer

Published: Wednesday 01 August 2012

DV247 are offering heavily discounted bundle deals on a multitude of sE Electronics microphones. It’s no bad thing for the producer or engineer to stock up on a variety of mics, and these 'Summer Bundles' offer additional savings on the G3500, Ribbon, sE2200T and Titan microphones. sE has long been known for bridging build quality, fantastic audio reproduction and affordability, and these new deals – exclusive to DV – make the whole package that much more tempting.

sE Electronics Microphone deals at DV247

For the user entirely kitting out their studio there’s even a huge deal waiting in the form of the Engineer’s Bundle (see bottom of page), so take a look down the potential offers here and decide which 'Summer Deal' might be best for your studio.

sE G3500 (rrp £649 - Now £329)

An FET-only version of the hugely-popular sE Gemini II, we’ve found the G3500 to be a particular best-seller when it comes to both vocal and acoustic guitar work. Built tough and robust, this powerful condenser mic also comes with a shock mount and flight case for good measure. The G3500 was £649 and is now £329 but you can save even more with a G3500 bundle. Two are detailed below and further deals can be found at the foot of this article.

There are two particular bundles paired with the G3500, both of which will come in handy for the project, bedroom or portable producer. One, the sE Electronics G3500 Vocal Recording Bundle includes a sE Reflexion Filter, a stand for the filter and a sE pop shield. This is ideal when you’re unable to fit acoustic treatment to the room you’re in but still want to deaden any reflections in the mix.

The other marries up the sE Electronics G3500 and Apogee Duet 2 Recording Interface – an absolutely revered model that is best known for the two preamps delivering crisp and clear audio quality at a 24-bit/192kHz resolution, the numerous monitoring options available and the assignable knobs and buttons that still manage to look incredibly sleek. It’s a great bundle for the producer on the go or working with a laptop. A pop shield is also included with this offer.

sE Titan (rrp £999 - Now £279)

The Titan is a particularly special mic, the titanium diaphragm lending its incredibly clear and robust response – specifically with a tight low end and minimal distortion – very well to acoustic, orchestral and percussive instruments alike. Transformerless and multi-pattern with class A circuitry, this is an incredible multi-tasker, and accordingly we’ve put together a selection of bundles.

You can buy the sE Electronics Titan Recording Bundle with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, a mobile 2/2 IO interface that delivers not only the classic Focusrite preamps but also the Scarlett effects plug-in suite for fine-tuning those recordings on the DAW and OS of your choice. Also included are the Icon HP430 closed-back headphones, which are both comfortable and capable of high-fidelity audio playback. The three items together are fantastic for the portable or project producer.

Alternatively, you can buy the sE Electronics Titan with Beyerdynamic DT100 Headphones, widely regarded as industry standard for their crystal clear sound reproduction. This bundle is for the consummate professional who needs to ensure that they’re hearing absolutely everything while they’re getting deeply involved in the mix. A pop shield is also included.

sE R1 Ribbon (rrp £699 - Now £149)

The sE figure-of-8 R1 Ribbon microphone is perfect for electric cabs, drum overheads, brass and woodwind or even broadcast/voiceover work, absolutely rich with detail and warmth and hugely sensitive to tonal nuance. It’s already incredibly good value for money considering the relative cost of a lot of ribbon mics, but we’ve decided to create even better bundles nonetheless.

So, you could buy the recording bundle which gives you the R1, the legendary SM57 dynamic mic and the second-generation sE Instrument Reflexion filter, perfect for use with both mics. It even has a hole to fit pencil microphones specifically, and has been designed specifically to better dampen any unnecessary sound while tracking instruments and cabs.

On the other hand there’s the stereo recording option – two R1s plus the Audient Mico dual-preamp interface, which is capable of rendering vintage tone through clever electronic manipulation which will work perfectly with ribbon microphones. Stereo recording for acoustic, percussive, live and orchestral instruments is a fine art, so it makes sense to equip yourself with the finest tools.

sE2200T (rrp £360 - Now £329 with Project RF)

This is a tube version of the ‘a’ model that is already known and loved, and therefore adds a brightness and further warmth thanks to the valve inside. It’s a great vocal and acoustic mic for delivering character and presence, and comes with a shock mount and flight case.

Bundles are once again plentiful, starting with the sE2200T, Project Reflexion Filter and Waves Tune LT pitch correction editor. This is the perfect bundle for vocal work then, obviously, and the project filter is handy for those on the go, too.

Then there’s the complete vocal recording bundle which sees the mic and Waves Tune LT sold with a larger sE Reflexion Filter, a stand and a pop shield. This comprehensive add-on of accessories will make for the definitive vocal recording setup wherever you are.

Finally there’s the serious-pro match up of the sE2200T with a Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity DI Preamp, which will yield astonishing tonal results thanks to a summing of solid state and tube stages that thickens, fattens, brightens and enriches vocal takes effortlessly.

sE Electronics Engineer’s Mic Bundle

Engineers Microphone Bundle

If however it’s the mics you’re focused on specifically, and you’re in need of the significant tonal differences that each can specifically provide, we have one hell of a deal in the form of the Engineer’s Microphone Bundle – you get the Titan Multi-Pattern Condenser, R1 Ribbon, G3500 Condenser, sE 2200T Tube Mic and two pop shields for an incredibly low price of £899 (combined RRP £2700!). With that, you’ll have all the spots in your engineer’s arsenal thoroughly covered, and will be capable of recording absolutely everything. It’s a great deal for the four mics, and is worth considering as a long-term purchase that will keep you in quality tracking for the future regardless of the size of studio you’re running!

See below for a complete list of exclusive sE 'Summer Deals', and if you’d like advice on which microphones might do the best job for your purposes, why not get in touch with our sales team for more detail on every bundle mentioned above and the individual models.

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