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Behringer Eurolive B205D Active PA Monitor Speaker System

Code: 71188    Manufacturer Part No: 000-957   
Behringer Eurolive B205D Active PA Monitor System with 3 Band EQ
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Eurolive B205D Active PA Monitor Speaker System description:

The BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B205D Active 150-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker System.

The BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B205D is an active PA loudspeaker that is small and light enough to mount on a mic stand. Although small in size the B205D cranks out high-fidelity sound and comes loaded with features that will simply astound you!

The BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B205D Main Features Include:

  • Multi-purpose, 150-Watt, active speaker for vocal and keyboard monitoring, multi-media, press conferences and home recording studio, etc.
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
  • 5.25” premium-quality, full-range neodymium driver
  • Ultra-low noise 3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ
  • 2 "Invisible" Mic Preamps with phantom power for condenser microphones and 1 instrument-ready input (no DI required)
  • Dedicated stereo input for keyboards, MP3, CD, etc.
  • XLR ''through'' connector with mic/line switch for linking more B205Ds
  • Mic stand integration system for use with stand and boom
  • Integrated limiter for ultimate system control and speaker protection
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption
  • Super-tough, impact-resistant enclosure with integrated top carry handle
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

MPN: 000-957

Manufacturer: Behringer

This page first created on: 15/01/2010

Customer Reviews


Very convenient little monitor. Light, unobtrusive and loud enough for a small acoustic gig for use as foldback.
I set 2 of them up on short mic stands for a 4 piece band. The band were very impressed. They sound a little honky as I expected but this is outweighed by price and convenience.
Only slight niggle would be that you have to use adaptors to fit most mic stand threads which aren't supplied. Also it would have been handy for them to be wedge shape so they can be used as floor monitors without using mic stands.

This customer purchased the product in March 2015

Expertise/Experience: Debatable
Music Style: Rock
Hertfordshire GB

Absolutely amazing little monitor! Easy to use/set-up, brilliant design, easy to transport, clear crisp sound, and no feedback. Who wouldn't love this?

This item was recommended to me by a friend, and I am recommending it to all of you.

A great buy for a bargain price. Behringer knock it out of the park again!

This customer purchased the product in May 2016

Expertise/Experience: Considerable
Music Style: Many
Southport GB

Very useful on small gigs - cuts through without causing feedback where a big floor monitor would by reflecting off close surfaces.

This customer purchased the product in February 2016


Exellent small monitor with high- output (125w rms) - can be mounted close with supplied parts so no feedback as does not have to be too loud. Full set of controls & inputs an added bonus - for the price you can't go wrong.

This customer purchased the product in December 2014

Expertise/Experience: Retired, 60/70 rock addict
Lincoln GB

Excellent piece of kit and well worth the money. It does everything well and more and delivers quite high output levels before feedback sets in but that will depend on your mic (mine's the gigging standard Shure SM58).

However, be aware that mine was shipped with a German mains connector (Shuko plug) but to their credit DV sent a replacement UK power lead immediately.

Also, if you intend mounting the B205D on your mic stand then check the compatibility of your mic stand first or you'll either be into buying another stand or having to modify it as I did.

This customer purchased the product in May 2014


Great product for the price. Could do with a bit more power & small graphic or parametric to nothch out feedback to get the extra star.

This customer purchased the product in September 2015


We bought these as sometimes we do smaller gigs and the floor monitors are too large. Were now considering selling the floor monitors as the Behringers do everything we want. Ideal for small bands who arent performing in arenas

This customer purchased the product in November 2013


Fantastic high quality unit... Really works as as stage monitor & exceptionally light & portable. A bit of a no brainer as a cheap monitor

This customer purchased the product in June 2014



Good sound, easy to operate, especially considering the size of the unit and its flexible arrangements , excellent value for money .

This customer purchased the product in June 2014

Music Style: Most styles
Devon GB

I'm only using the CD section for music amplification, so am unable to comment on the other inputs/outputs. It performs well for my limited needs, although I wouldn't chance cranking up the bass control too far.
Its portability is great which is a major plus..
Delivery was quick and trouble-free.

This customer purchased the product in November 2014


I purchased this little PA speaker for a very specific purpose - I am a Quiz Master in a variety of different pubs and venues in Central London, and sometimes the installed systems or their little hi-fis are simply not man enough for microphone use over a buzzing crowd. As I travel on the tube to most gigs, this unit is perfect. Shoebox-size, a few different options for inputs, and definitely loud enough for a room of 50 attentive quiz participants.
I even play a Music Intro round through it and it works well.
Sound quality isn't fantastic, but it's perfectly acceptable from such a compact unit.

This customer purchased the product in November 2014


Loving this so far, haven't had a chance to use it live yet, but all the inputs make it perfect for rehearsing to a backing track at home.

This customer purchased the product in March 2015

Expertise/Experience: 60 years in the music business
Music Style: Bavarian Jazz
Sheffield GB

Does just what I hoped for in quality of sound.
fantastic options in terms of input/output.
Ideal for the small band/group.

This customer purchased the product in June 2015

Music Style: Function Band
Leighton Buzzard GB

we use this as a monitor for a singing drummer, sounds nice and loud , very clear, light, and has loads of inputs / outputs. the only thing I feel it lacks is some kind of reverb.

This customer purchased the product in August 2015


A great product which produces more volume than you would expect for a unit this size.
The main and thru sockets are particularly useful for hooking up multiple speakers,

It's well designed and very light. The supplied mic stand adapters make fitting this really simple.

Highly recommended

This customer purchased the product in July 2017


Exactly what I needed for my Roland FR 1X accordion. Sits on a mic stand perfectly. Running it from the headphone socket in the band situation with left and right feeds to the mixing desk

This customer purchased the product in March 2016


I have only just got this and so far only used it once as a personal monitor for my vocal in a function party band. I was impressed with the volume I was able to get out of it for such a small size.

I love the compact size and the ability to mount it on a mic stand and it is so much easier to transport than my current Mackie SRM450!!.

The price from DV247 was also the best I could find anywhere and the service was excellent.

This customer purchased the product in July 2016


Don't expect full sound experience from this, however it is perfect for live use for fold back monitoring. My Korg Kronos and M50 keeps me in touch with the rest of the band. The PA does the rest.
Nice light piece of kit for gigging.

This customer purchased the product in July 2016

Expertise/Experience: Old hand
Music Style: Folk40s to NaughtiesBalladsWorship, etc.
East Yorkshire GB

Cracking Bit of Kit!
I bought this to replace my heavy wedge monitor without realising its potential as a stand-alone mini-amp too. I entertain in residential homes where the audience usually numbers between 10 and 20. This bit of kit will enable me to augment my guitar sound and vocal sufficiently in this smallish setting and without the need to lug heavier amps with me. The facility to input my backing tracks via my Tascam recorder is an added bonus. When my wife and I do our 1950's presentations to audiences of up to 100, this will be used as a mini-PA for her talkie bits. Got an amazing price from dv247 too!

This customer purchased the product in September 2016


Compact, loud enough and just what I need to be able to sing jazz in small locations as in coffee shops or restaurants.

This customer purchased the product in February 2017