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Peavey Feedback Ferret D Feedback Suppressor

Code: 43904    Manufacturer Part No: 00511582   
Peavey Feedback Ferret D Feedback Suppressor


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Feedback Ferret D Feedback Suppressor description:

The Peavey Feedback Ferret D uses an advanced computer algorithm automatically identifies and suppresses microphone feedback so you can concentrate on running the mix.

The Peavey Feedback Ferret D dynamically suppresses feedback using sophisticated "search & destroy" filters that find, lock in and kill offending frequencies Just raise the levels on your mics to the onset of feedback. The filters automatically "learn" the problem spots in your system and knock them down with great precision leaving everything else untouched for maximum fidelity. Then during the performance additional filters are constantly standing by to instantly kill any extra, unexpected feedback.

Peavey Feedback Ferret D main features inlcude:

  • Sixteen individual filters can operate simultaneously (eight dynamically react to input changes)
  • Stereo or "dual mono" operation which enables 32 dynamically-controlled filters
  • Set-and-Forget operation in fixed installations such as churches and auditoriums
  • Four presets for your most common performance venues
  • Rear panel Defeat button locks out inquiring fingers
  • Extra Max "Panic" filters for quick control of sudden, severe feedback
  • Balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs

MPN: 00511582

Manufacturer: Peavey

This page first created on: 12/07/2007

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