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TC Electronic VoiceLive 3 Extreme Vocal Effects Pedal

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Save £148.00 TC Electronic VoiceLive 3 Extreme Vocal Effects Pedal
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You save £148.00 (19%)

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VoiceLive 3 Extreme Vocal Effects Pedal description:

The VoiceLive 3 Extreme Vocal Effects Pedal is a powerful new version of the 2014TC Helicon flagship processor – the Voice Live 3. It incorporates added complete FX automation, backing track import and 24-bit audio recording.

VoiceLive 3 Extreme allows you to concentrate solely on your performance with ground-breaking FX automation and backing track playback. The inspiring vocal effects and rich guitar sounds operate effortless alone. Everything can be done within the unit. From the first original song idea to the complexity of the live arrangements, the VoiceLive 3 Extreme takes care of all the hard work allowing the performance to shine through while keeping the intricacies out of view of the audience. Every detail of your song – every FX change, every harmony, every loop and every tiny sonic nuance can be designed within the VL3X in full before any performance, while the massive memory allows the unit to store over 100 different song arrangements, so any gig you’re performing can be fully prepared way before the event.

The VL3X’s fantastic recording function means you can capture your entire performance onto a USB stick and listen back post-performance to exactly what the audience heard. Backing tracks and FX sequencing are perfectly matched by the on-board audio recorder that allows you to capture everything in wonderful 24-bit quality allowing live recordings to be uploaded to the internet in no time.

When TC-Helicon introduced VoiceLive 3 in 2014, it heralded a revolution in processing for singers with the first combination of truly professional vocal and guitar FX in one box. With VoiceLive 3 Extreme (VL3X), the bar is set even higher!

Much more than a simple upgrade, VL3X has 4 times the built-in memory for loops and adds backing-track storage. With a ground-breaking FX automation feature, all synchronized to the audio, VL3X offers creative performers and singers complete freedom to connect and interact with their audiences – while complex vocal and guitar FX changes run effortlessly by themselves.

Add to that 24-bit stereo recording via a connected USB flash drive, along with import/export of loops and backing tracks via USB and VL3X becomes the one essential product for any singing musician who wants to take his/her performance to an new level of sound and control.

Backing tracks and FX sequencing are perfectly matched by the onboard audio recorder that allows you to capture everything in wonderful 24-bit quality.

The vocal effects path features 11 independent effects blocks, over 180 different pre-programmed styles and more than 250 factory presets available straight out the box with many more being available to download. The possibilities are endless.

Accumulate all of this pre-performance-production with the perfect on-stage performance by simply pressing play and letting your magical world of effects and arrangement play out before your eyes and ears. Every change, effect and harmony will be there ready to kick-in as soon as the song demands it.

Finally the VoiceLive 3 extreme is a virtual box of tricks for performers wanting complete live control of every tiny nuance of their song and those just wanting to experiment.


The main features of the VoiceLive 3 Extreme Vocal Effects Pedal include:


  • New backing track import with FX automation for “tap-dance” free performance synchronised to tracks
  • New performance recorder for live direct 24-bit audio, output to USB flashdrive
  • A complete vocal sound with next generation harmony processing, effects and tonal quality
  • Complete guitar sound via TC Electronic stomp box effects, amp tones and flexible outputs to your amp or PA
  • Powerful 3-phrase looping allowing creation and storage of entire songs
  • Up to 100 audio backing tracks can be loaded for live accompaniment via a standard USB key
  • MP3 and 16/24 bit WAV import formats supported
  • On-board sequencer records and plays back FX and Step activations live
  • Backing tracks/ Sequences load quickly via associated presets
  • Icon-based play/record/editing interface and waveform display
  • Upgraded & expanded suite of TC’s renowned vocal effects
  • New harmony sounds – Pedal, Fixed and Mixed modes
  • New vocoder with Voice Controlled Synth and Robot modes
  • Adaptive Tone for a truly professional, produced sound
  • HIT button to create FX impact
  • VoiceSupport app for downloading & managing even more presets
  • Vocal Effects Include; Double, Delay, Reverb, Hard Tune, Synth, Transducer, Micromod, Harmony, Choir, Rhythmic & Stutter
  • Guitar Effects Include; Amp, Drive, Delay, Reverb, Compression, Wah, M-Mod, Octaver & Rhythmic
  • Powerful multi-track looper with intuitive control layout and infinite overdubs
  • 3-phrase looping with selectable layering and serial techniques
  • LoopAssist with smart metronome, quantize and MIDI synch for perfectly synched loops
  • Auto expansion of loop length allows you to create long loops over short ones and vice-versa
  • 50 loop slots store up to 3 loops of 8 minutes each
  • 4-channel stereo outputs with dedicated vocal and guitar channels
  • Combo jack for main inputs and automatic input/output sensing
  • Monitor mix input and pass-through to other monitors
  • 250 factory presets
  • Memory for 500 presets
  • 10 steps per preset
  • 10 footswitches
  • 6-preset assignable footswitches for enabling/ disabling FX blocks
  • Backing track & FX automation control via footswitches
  • Detailed editing
  • Genre and style preset categories
  • Height: 3” (76mm)
  • Width: 13.8” (350mm)
  • Depth: 8.5” (216mm)
  • Weight: 5lb (2.3kg)
  • Anodised extruded aluminium and steel chassis
  • Rubberised edit/ mix knobs
  • Recessed rubberised handle
  • 192 x 64 Blue STN LCD, white black light display
  • Tri-coloured footswitch light ting
  • Capacitive touch edit controls with LED indicators

Manufacturer: TC Electronic

This page first created on: 16/04/2015

Customer Reviews


Yes its expensive but by god its excellent. Presumably you will have researched it in the detailed I did before buying. I spent about 6 months pouring over the manuals to see if it would do all I wanted. I will be going deep with this and the live results will be banging.

This customer purchased the product in October 2017


Perfect staff but no manual in other languages then German and English. Perfect works and sound amazing. Would recommend. Thanks.

This customer purchased the product in May 2015