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TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Mic Channel & Vocal Effects Processor

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Code: 89792    Manufacturer Part No: 996355061   
Save £80.00 TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack
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You save £80.00 (10%)

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VoiceLive Rack Mic Channel & Vocal Effects Processor description:

The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack is the ultimate vocal processor for studio and stage. The VL Rack combines a transparent mic preamp and adaptive pre-processing along with TC Helicon's mind-blowing vocal effects, providing you with a plethora of vocal sound possibilites.

Like any good engineer the VoiceLive Rack listens to you and adjusts to make your voice smooth and produced. These adaptive pre-processors are always working with your voice to ensure an optimised vocal at all times.

As with the VoiceLive 2 the VL Rack also features 'NaturalPlay' harmonies, allowing you to enhance your voice with more of you. Either by using a guitar and MIDI in to do the work or simply let the VoiceLive do it for you.

Use the included MP-75 microphone to the control the VoiceLive Rack so you are free to perform. You can also add the TC-Helicon Switch-3 pedal for even more real-time control.

The VoiceLive Rack contains all the effects from the popular TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 allowing you to produce virtually any vocal sound you desire.

Dream it. Build it. Sing it.

The VoiceLive Rack main features include:

  • Full mic channel with digitally controlled gain, phantom power and pre effects
  • Complete vocal effects path; if you dream it, VoiceLive Rack does it
  • Direct access editing and performer control via Mic Control and footswitch input
  • Includes MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone with Mic Control
  • Includes effects made famous by VoiceLive 2 including HardTune, µMod (chorus, flange & detune), tap delay, reverb, harmony, doubling, and transducer (distortion and radio voices)
  • Global Tone automatically “produces” your core vocal sound with adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess with manual over-ride
  • Over 200 factory or 400 user presets offer a wide sonic range with room to grow
  • Auto sensing of harmony control instrument to minimize setup time and allow instrument swapping in performance
  • Harmony reference can guided by guitar, MIDI or MP3 player or key & scale
  • Up to 8 voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmony intervals
  • From smooth and natural sound to extreme vocal pitch shifting
  • Complete customization with adjustable gender, humanization and more
  • Studio grade adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess reduce muddiness and contain dynamics automatically
  • Adaptive gate fights stage leakage between vocal phrases
  • Manual over-rides offer additional user control

MPN: 996355061

Manufacturer: TC Helicon

This page first created on: 09/09/2011

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Songwriter / home studio
Newcastle GB

Pros: +
This unit would be good for live vocal performers requiring a 'box of tricks' for varying vocal performances. That said the practicality of the Voicelive 2 floor unit would trump this rack unit for live use.

Cons: -
The quality of reverbs available on this unit are very poor. They lack richness and warmth and are far inferior to the reverbs available on many much older TC Electronic rack units which is very disappointing, particularly considering the £600 plus price tag.. Lots of extreme vocal effects available but not many that are user friendly / useful for standard rock, soul or pop vocals.Build quality also lacked the assurance and robustness of older TC Electronic equipment. This feels like a step back and not forwards.

This customer purchased the product in August 2012


So easy to use straight out of the box. Forget effects in a DAW, this product delivers a professional sound with just a few button presses.

This customer purchased the product in January 2014

Expertise/Experience: Karaoke DJ & Singer
Nottingham GB

Pros: +
Easy to set up, I'm not a professional singer but this has improved the sound quality of my performance. I also sing songs that I have never tried before and have received an applause!!The presets are so easy to use but will take some time to tailor to my vocal needs but results are outstanding.

Cons: -
Do not play an instrument so harmony effect was way off to begin with but after a lot of fiddling and reading of manual (downloaded from T C Helicon website) managed to sort it out to a satisfactory level. Have found no other bad points if you can call the above a bad point as it was my lack of technical knowledge that caused the problem.

This customer purchased the product in March 2013


just out of the box -easy to use by far the best of its kind from helicon- great interface only used in the studio as a vocal- pre with effects not live but loving it so far

This customer purchased the product in February 2014

Expertise/Experience: 40 years playing live music
Music Style: 60s 70s
merseyside GB

dose what it says on the tin, great harmonies and i love the voice processor in it , excellent for live work, which is how i use it , using the midi to select all the patches ETC .

This customer purchased the product in August 2015