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Synergy Music Computers

Need the ultimateffff in performance? Synergy AW7XX systems are now available with 6 Core (12 thread) CPU’s, Solid State Sata 3 Drives and up to 24gb of Ram. Be prepared for the fastest and most powerful system yet.

Synergy and M-AudioSynergy and DigidesignSynergy and CakewalkSynergy and Steinberg

There are four types of Synergy PC: Synergy Origin, Synergy Alpha, Synergy Portman and our Synergy Custom range. All synergy Music Computers are optimized to meet the requirements of the most demanding musicians and producers. Customise your Synergy PC with the configurator.

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New Portman Laptop!

The Synergy Portman is back, bigger and better. Increased performance comes with the latest Intel i5 processor and 8GB of DDR3 Ram. This Laptop is built for audio and whether you are a DJ – Producer or Live Sound Engineer it will travel wherever you need to go and perform like you need it to.

Synergy Origin Audio PC

The Synergy Origin is our flagship line. The AW300 and AW700 utilise the latest technology bringing power and performance to users who demand more!

Synergy Portman Mobile Audio PC

The synergy Portman PW100 brings studio power, wherever you are! Producer or DJ the Portman offers performance and power to rival desktop machines, and it looks great too. Have the freedom to create away from the studio.

Synergy Alpha Audio PC

The Synergy Alpha AW100 is the project studio solution. Whether you’re starting up or wanting to take the next step up the Alpha has everything you need to get started in music production. Just add a sequencer and a soundcard of your choice.

Synergy Essential Bundle

Synergy Origin systems, available in rack and tower, and Synergy Alpha systems ship with the Synergy Essential Bundle consisting of Kore player with 2GB NI sounds, NI Guitar Rig 3 LE and Reason 4 Adapted.

Reason Adapted - Synergy Essential BundleAcronis - Synergy Essential BundleNative Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE and Kore Player - Synergy Essential Bundle

Synergy Alpha

Synergy Portman

Synergy Family