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After Later Audio Pixie

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After Later Audio Pixie, Oscillator, digital, Chord, VA, FM, Waveshaper, Wavetable, Resonator, Noise, Plaits, Mutable Instruments  All product info

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After Later Audio Knit

After Later Audio Knit Product Image
  • Manufacturer: After Later Audio
  • TE / HP: 6.0
  • Depth (mm): 40.0
  • + 12 V (mA): 50.0
  • - 12 V (mA): 5.0
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Product information - After Later Audio Pixie


  • Digital oscillator
  • 16 synthesis models
  • Internal VCA
  • 2 audio outputs
  • 7 CV inputs
  • Trigger input for drums & envelopes
  • New edition of the Mutable Instruments plait

Pixie (1:1 Plaits) and Waves (1:1 Ripples) Together

Pixie from After Later Audio is the reincarnation of the popular digital multi-oscillator Plaits from Mutable Instruments. A full 16 synthesis models are implemented in Pixie, which produces an enormous range of electronic sounds. Wavetables, Chords, Virtual Analog, FM, Waveshaper, Resonator and Noise as well as some emulated drum sounds represent only a part of what Pixie is capable of. The module is equipped with an internal VCA and a trigger input. Depending on the selected synthesis model, associated envelopes are triggered, which also provides the functionality of a full-vertical synth voice respectively drum sounds. The sound quality more than meets professional demands. The times in which digital meant at the same time coarse gradations are long gone! Clean, powerful and lively, Pixie presents itself as a worthy Plaits replacement. The operation is very simple and has only a few shift functions that can be learned quickly. Especially in smaller systems Pixie is a great basis to generate sounds. Add a filter, an extra VCA and a few modulation sources and nothing stands in the way of self-patched sounds. 

Mutable Instruments - Plaits - Stereo Demo Jam

The syntheses at a glance:

8 synthesis models for melodic sounds:

  • a pair of continuously variable waveforms (virtual analog)
  • Variable triangle oscillator with Waveshaper and wavefolder
  • Two-operator FM with continuously variable Feedback path
  • Two independently controllable formants modulated by variable waveforms
  • Additive oscillator with 24 harmonic spectra
  • Wavetable oscillator with four banks of 8x8 waveforms each
  • Chord generator with different basic sounds
  • Formant synthesis algorithms with control over lute and formant shifting.

8 synthesis models for Noise and percussion sounds:

  • Granular sawtooth or sine oscillator with variable Grain density
  • Clocked Noise with filter post-processing
  • Eight Noise layers passing a resonator or all-pass filter
  • Extended Karplus-Strong with white or dark noise
  • Modal resonator with knocking or dark noise excitation
  • Emulation of an analogue Kick Drum (2 models)
  • Emulation of an analogue snare Drum (2 models)
  • Emulation of an analogue hi-hat (2 models) 


  • Manufacturer: After Later Audio
  • TE / HP: 12
  • Depth (mm): 25
  • + 12 V (mA): 50
  • - 12 V (mA): 5
After Later Audio Pixie Product ImageAfter Later Audio Pixie
£ 222.00
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£ 222.00
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