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Antimatter Audio Launch Codes

Item: SYN0005618-000
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Antimatt Launch Codes is a sequencer module for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. The module works as a compact perfo...  All product info

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Antimatt Audio Launch Codes

five-channel button performance controller and trigger & gate sequencer module

Antimatt Launch Codes is a sequencer module for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. The module works as a compact performance source for manual or sequenced trigger and gate pulses from five separate channels, Launch Codes can be used to trigger envelopes or drum modules, can be used as a programmable clock divider and can be used to control voltage sequences (such as the brain seed).

Controller Mode

Launch Codes acts as a manual real-time performance controller for controlling e.g. drum modules or envelopes. Launch codes generate trigger signals, gate pulses, or latched/toggle gates. The function can be selected individually for each of the five channels. The settings and states of the channels can be stored and recalled.

Sequencer Mode & Pattern Chains

Launch Codes offers a five-track, synchronizable performance sequencer for generating trigger & gate signals. Each of the five sequences can be up to 32 steps long, which corresponds to a total of 320 steps or 20 clocks. The recording is always armed and sequences are created by tapping the respective channel switch. For expressive performances the patterns can be concatenated. The order is determined by the manual switching of the patterns and launch codes will loop this pattern sequence continuously, as well as a single pattern. A reset port resets launch codes to the first step of the sequence.

Glitch beats through CV addressing mode

A special CV addressing mode allows you to control the position of a sequence via an external control voltage, and the clock input can be combined with the CV input to create stuttering glitch beats and fill-ins. All settings and sequences can be saved.

Antimatt audio launch codes at a glance:

  • the module is designed for quick access
  • Controller mode with five channels for generating trigger & gate signals (momentary gate and latched gate)
  • five 32-step patterns can be saved
  • clever concatenation of patterns - the patterns are simply looped in the order in which they are played
  • Save and recall all settings, patterns, pattern chains and controller configurations
  • Pattern Randomizer whose efficiency depends on how often the random button is typed
  • easy deletion of channels, or whole patterns
  • Reset port for synchronizing the sequencer with other devices
  • CV Scrub mode moves the reset port to a CV addressing port to control the pattern position via CV
  • Launch Codes can be used to trigger envelopes or drum modules
  • can be used as programmable clock divider
  • can be used to control voltage sequences (like the Brain Seed)
  • control VCAs or switches to structure a multivoice patch

Antimatt Audio Launch Codes Intro and Instructions

Launch Codes vs Malekko Varigate 4


  • Manufacturer: Antimatter Audio
  • TE / HP: 6
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