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Arturia V-Collection 6 Boxed Version

Item: PCM0014776-000
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With the V-Collection 6 Arturia offers an extremely broad software bundle with 21 virtual instruments covering over 100 ...  All product info

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Arturia V-Collection 6 (Boxed)

Ultimate software bundle including 21 virtual instruments

With the V-Collection 6 Arturia offers an extremely broad software bundle with 21 virtual instruments covering over 100 years of synthesizer/keyboard history. Lovingly re-created and with many details, the VSTs deliver a lifelike sound with many presets that reflect the familiar sounds of recent years. In addition to the revised VSTs of the previous version, the Ultimate Software Bundle brings new instruments with it and thus expands the sound collection many times over. These include the Buchla Easel V, the DX7 V, the CMI V and the Clavinet V - all excellent replicas of popular instruments you wouldn't want to miss.

Buchla mini modular

Buchla Easel V

Just as unique as its look are the soundscapes that can be created with the Buchla Easel V. Polyphony, innovative modulation/control sources, step sequencers, effects and more are waiting to be rediscovered.

Mini V

Probably the best known synth in history with many performances on well-known records! Arturia even teamed up with Bob Moog himself to re-create the warm sound. The well-known 3 VCOs and the 12db/Octave filter are just some of the special features that are waiting for you!

Modular V

The Modular System started the revolution of complete electronic music and is still one of the most powerful and impressive synthesizers. Bob Moog was also consulted to update the "Behemoth" with polyphony, 9 VCOs, 3 VCFs and rare modules like the Bode 1620 Frequenciy Shifter.

matrix jup arp

Matrix-12 V

One of the finest analog poly-synths ever built. Not only its Oberheim sound and matrix modulation are convincing, but also the unique 15-mode filters and crazy voice assignment possibilities. On top of it Arturia provides a 27 x 47 matrix for even more mod sources!

Jup-8 V

Fat, airy and crystal-clear at the same time: The Jup-8 B is a classic polysynth with exchangeable 2- and 4-pole filters, high-pass filter, VCO sync and an arpeggiator! Complex LFO combinations and modulation-related dynamic effects are added.

ARP2600 V

This semi-modular classic attracted attention with clear, broad lead sounds and basses a la "Frankenstein" and "Birdland" - not to mention R2D2 similar sounds. Arturia's version also brings a lot of improvements like polyphony, tracking generator module, the 1601 sequencer and effects.

cs sem

CS-80 V

The CS-80 has two parallel, complete synth sound paths that provide a rich, complex texture sound. Additional modulation routings, multi-timbral voicings, arpeggiator and preset morphing make it a flexible sound tool.


Tom Oberheim´s SEM was one of the first independent synth modules and was also distinguished by its outstanding 12dB octave multimode filters. Arturia created an 8-Voice version including Modulation Matrix, Noice, Sub-Oscillator, Arpegiator and Portamento.

dx7 cmi synclavier


As many people know, the Yamaha DX-7 is legendary and on many records all over the world - and still is today! The virtual version of Arturia is more intuitive to use and includes additional features like a mod matrix, changeable envelopes, extra waveforms, a second LFO, effects, sequencer, arpeggiator and more!


The CMI V - a homage to the Fairlight CMI, which enjoyed great popularity among keyboard players in the 80s. An all-in-one digital workstation that brings Arturia back to life.

Synclavier V

Cameron Jones, who created the digital elite synthesizer that created the greatest hits and movie soundtracks of the early 80s, helped to make the virtual version just as exciting. Ideal for fans of additive and FM synthesis!

Prophet V

Prophet is a summary of the first fully programmable and polyphonic synth "Prophet 5" and "Prophet VS". Based on the Vector synthesis it brought the first oscillator with morphing features! Arturias Hybrid adds matrix modulation and allows to combine elements of both instruments.

piano solina

piano V

Piano V supplies 12 first-class pianos for various genres and applications. From 9´Concert Grands to Studio Uprights to unconventional designs - Piano V not only sounds good, but also scores with flexible parameters and adjustment options.

Solina V

With the top octave divider technology of well-known organs and the animated chorus effects, the String Machine delivers lush string textures that could only be duplicated with Arturia's TAE technology. Added were orchestral sounds with voices and a phaser effect, which became famous through Jean-Michel jarre.

clavinet stage wurli

Clavinet V

With the latest modelling technique, all aspects of the Clavinet D6 could be taken into account and its properties recorded. Besides the sound there are various pickups, EQs and variable mute functions. You can even make mechanical adjustments, combine them with a guitar amp or stompbox rig.

Stage 73 V

This replica of one of the most popular electric pianos reproduces sounds that can hardly be distinguished from the Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano and the Stage Piano. Here, too, further parameters of the mechanical components can be changed to adapt the sound to your own needs. Classic amps and a small selection of effect pedals complete the excellent overall picture.

b3 farfisa vox

B-3 V

The king of electric organs enriches many genres like jazz, gospel, hard rock and reggae with his sound. Arturia's replica also includes Rotary speakers and modulations.

Farfisa V

Many hits from the 60s benefited from Farfisa sound, but this doesn't mean that it has gone out of fashion. No matter if organist, producer or hobby musician - the Farfisa is super intuitive, comes with good sounding sounds "out of the can" and is just fun!

Vox Continental V

The transistor-based Vox Continental was considered a lighter and cheaper alternative to Hammond organs in the 1960s, but was adopted mainly in the British Invasion because of its special sound. The VST version also offers drawbars, additional waveforms, a Rotary Cabinet and effects.


V Collection 6 not only includes instruments, but also major updates that improve overall performance.

Piano V2

The new Piano V2 features 3 new models, a useful compressor, as well as stereo delay and even more EQ bands for shaping the sound.

Analogue Lab 3

Analog Lab 3 includes the new instruments with presets from Buchla Easel V, DX7 V, and Clavinet V, while the management of "multis" is even easier and faster.

New HD GUIs for Solina V, Vox Continental V and Wurli V

The visual appearance also plays a role, which is why the graphic representation of some instruments has been adapted to new standards. This makes making music even more fun.

Arturia V-Collection 6 Features:

  • Complex and as virtual instruments re-created synthesizers/keyboards
  • A total of 21 instruments
  • Improved performance and GUI
  • download version

Instruments included:

  • Buchla Easel V
  • DX7 V
  • CMI V
  • Clavinet V
  • Mini V
  • Modular V
  • Matrix-12 V
  • Jup-8 V
  • ARP2600 V
  • CS-80 V
  • SEM V
  • Synclavier V
  • Prophet V
  • piano V
  • Solina V
  • Stage 73 V
  • Wurli V
  • B-3 V
  • Farfisa V
  • VOX Continental V


  • Manufacturer: Arturia
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