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Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer

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Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer Product Image
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Digital mixer with 8 inputs, Bluetooth audio and app control, 60 mm channel faders, 2 FX processors and USB/audio interface.  All product info

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Product information - Behringer Flow 8

Digital mixer with 8 inputs

The Behringer Flow 8:

  • Ultra-quiet digital mixer with large headroom
  • Free FLOW app for Bluetooth remote control from iOS/Android cell phones or tablets
  • 60mm channel fader and master knob with LED ring
  • EZ-Gain feature analyzes signals in your application and automatically adjusts gain for optimal headroom
  • Two Midas mic preamps with 48 V phantom power and programmable gain
  • Two additional mic/line inputs on combined XLR/TRS jacks
  • Two pairs of balanced stereo line inputs, each with a Hi-Z jack for direct guitar/bass connection
  • All channels with 4-band EQ and compressor, 2 FX and 2 monitor sends, while monitor and main buses feature 9-band EQ and limiter
  • Two independent studio-quality effects engines, each with 16 presets including reverb, delay and modulation effects,
  • Built-in 10 x 2-channel USB computer audio interface with 48 kHz / 24-bit resolution.
  • Bluetooth audio streaming for adding click or backing tracks to your performance or playing music during a break
  • Balanced main outputs on gold-plated XLR and balanced monitor outputs on 1/4" jack plug
  • FLOW app with assisted setup, unlimited mixer snapshots and intuitive, customizable stage view
  • Buttons for FX adjustment, FX mute and tap tempo
  • Footswitch input for controlling FX mute/tap tempo or preset up/down functions
  • Optional mic stand adapter allows the mixer to be placed within easy reach of your gig
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 229 x 172 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
Behringer Flow 8

Digital Mixer with 8 Inputs

Digital mixers offer studio-quality processing, the highest fidelity, total recall of all settings, and even remote control. These are extremely attractive features, but they all come at a price - with larger physical size, more complex operation that requires at least some audio engineering training. Behringer now presents the Flow 8, a compact and affordable digital mixer that offers all the modern features and workflows in a simple and easy form. Whether you're a singer, songwriter, small ensemble performer, or you're a teacher, presenter, gamer, podcaster or video blogger, producing at home or playing live in bars, cafes or on the street, practicing or performing... the Behringer Flow 8 ensures flawless audio quality and helps you create amazing sound with ease.

Behringer Flow 8


The Behringer Flow 8 has two microphone inputs that accept audio signals coming in via balanced XLR cables. Both XLR jacks provide individually selectable phantom power for condenser microphones. With two high-quality Midas microphone preamps and internal 32 VFP processing, FLOW 8 joins the X32, X-Air and WING series of digital mixing consoles.

Two XLR TRS combo jacks accept audio signals from line-level sources or dynamic microphones coming in via balanced XLR cables, balanced 6.3 mm TRS or unbalanced TS cables (Note: These inputs do NOT provide phantom power! ) Four STEREO/MONO inputs accept either line-level stereo signals (5/6 and 7/8 stereo pairs) or mono signals (5L and 7L for line-level mono sources, 6R and 8R for high-impedance mono signals from guitars and basses).

The MAIN L/MAIN R connectors are also XLR, while the two monitor paths have 6.3mm phone jacks. A 6.3mm jack socket allows the connection of headphones and thanks to a footswitch input, a single or double footswitch can be connected via a 6.3mm cable.

Even though the form factor and the number of inputs and outputs are specifically designed for smaller setups, every single channel offers crystal clear sound. All channels feature 4-band EQ, compression, as well as 2 FX and 2 monitor sends. The 60mm channel faders easily control the mix levels of each channel. For this purpose, the VU display shows the levels of the main mix, the monitor mixes or the FX send signals. For example, the red "1" and "2" LEDs at the top of the level meter light up when +48 V phantom power is enabled for channels 1 and 2. The MAIN knob controls the overall volume of the currently selected bus - FX 1, FX 2, MON 1, MON 2 or MAIN. The final volume setting is indicated by the LED ring on the outer edge of the knob. Last but not least, all monitor and main buses have a 9-band EQ and a limiter to prevent unexpected volume peaks on your speakers.

EZ-Gain assisted gain staging

If you are interested in clean and healthy signals with low noise and low harmonic distortion, then proper preamplifier gain staging is of utmost importance. It defines the amount of gain a signal receives as it enters the mixer. Since source signals can be anything from a heavy hit on the snare drum to the subtle buzz of bees, there is no one gain that will suit all possible purposes.

Gain staging is always a compromise, and finding the right gain requires either experience and technical knowledge or the new FLOW EZ-GAIN feature. The function can monitor signals on one or all channels simultaneously, and then automatically adjusts the channel gain to the optimum headroom.

Last but not least, EZ GAIN automatically turns on 48 V phantom power to microphone inputs 1/2 when no signal is coming in and turns it off again when still no signal is coming in.

Behringer Flow 8

Complete control via app

Small mixers are often placed where the cables end and not where it would be most useful for control or mixing, so you would have to stretch out to control levels, or walk away from the mixer to judge if the settings are having the desired effect.

With the Behringer Flow 8, these hassles are now over! That's because the mixer offers full remote control from virtually any Android or iOS device, allowing you to go exactly where the sound is ideal for any type of adjustment. Adjust the 9-band EQ for the main PA speakers, set the compressor on the bass guitar, or customize the mix for the talent on stage....

In addition, the Flow app offers a unique setup wizard that helps you step-by-step to find the right setup for your use. After selecting the input type, the wizard offers you presets and tells you where to connect the cables. Thanks to this innovative feature, you can add your instruments and microphones even if you are not an expert yet.

Behringer Flow 8

Looking for big sound?

The Behringer FLOW 8 features two independent studio-quality effects engines, each with 16 presets for refining your instruments and vocals with stunning effects tones and depth. 12 reverb programs range from a very short but lively ambience to very long and smooth temple or stadium simulations. All of them are available in two variants and their decay time can be adjusted continuously. In addition, you get various delay and modulation effects for all styles and applications. The handy FX1/FX 2 buttons switch between the two FX engines for patch selection and parameter settings. With the FX 1 or FX 2 menu buttons activated, the 60mm channel faders can be used to set the send levels to the FX Engines (effects). The menu screen then displays the names of the currently active effects of the two FX Engines and allows access to the FX Preset list when the FX 1 or FX 2 button is activated.

Total recall of all settings

Recording a podcast one day and vocals the next? Mixing multiple artists at a concert? Or more generally speaking - FLOW8 is your constant companion for various audio applications, and you want a perfectly tuned preset available at your fingertips within seconds ?!! Then the built-in snapshot library and the ability to store unlimited snapshots per FLOW application gives you instant, unlimited power. STORE, EDIT and LOAD mixer settings via hardware or application instantly. You can even trigger snapshot loading with a connected footswitch to bring your performance to life. While the hardware offers 15 internal preset storage locations, the app can store an unlimited number of snapshots sorted by name, date, and time.

Integrated Bluetooth streaming

As compact speakers dominate the consumer market, Bluetooth has become the standard for audio connectivity in the consumer world. Mini-jack sockets are being replaced more and more, and many smartphones and tablets require special adapters to output analog audio signals. That's why FLOW 8 features a built-in Bluetooth receiver that allows music to be played conveniently between performances, without the hassle of adapters and the need to be near the mixer at all times.

The BT audio connection for audio playback can be connected independently of the FLOW Remote application. While BT Audio is used for playback on a mobile device, BT LE can be used separately on another device for control application if desired.

Behringer Flow 8 Rückansicht
Behringer Flow 8 Typ mit Kopfhörer

USB - Multichannel - Audio Interface

The USB socket on the rear panel allows connection to a computer for audio streaming, firmware updates and MIDI control. You can also use the FLOW 8 as a multi-channel audio interface with 48 kHz / 24-bit resolution for recording with your computer using this USB connection. The interface offers 10 recording tracks (8 analog inputs plus L/R main mix bus tapped prefader) and 2 additional playback channels.

All input signals can be recorded and post-processed individually. This makes FLOW the ideal partner for DAW home recording with zero-latency monitoring, streaming and podcasting. No additional USB audio interface is required. All input signals and the main stereo mix can be sent to audio applications on a Mac, Windows or Linux system for recording, editing or streaming.

Power supply via external power supply or USB PowerBank

The DC IN jack is designed as a Micro-USB and allows power to be supplied from the included external power supply or a USB Powerbank with Micro-USB connector.


  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Microphone Channels: 4
  • Stereo Channels: 4
  • Signal Processing: Digital
  • Power Mixer: No
  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
  • EQs: 4-Band
  • 19"-capable: No
  • Phantom Power: Yes
  • Integrated Power Adapter: No
  • USB Input: Yes
  • USB Output: No
  • Talkback: No
  • Symmetrical Outputs: Yes
  • Integrated Audio Interface: Yes
  • Parametric Mid EQ: Yes
  • RJ45 Interface / Network: No
  • APP control possible: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 1.4
Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer Product ImageBehringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer
£ 238.00

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