Digital Mixers by Behringer

Mixing Consoles for Live Performances and Recording

Digital mixing consoles offer many advantages for live concerts as well as for recording applications. A digital mixer, in sound and performance, is superior to an analog mixer in many respects. The best examples of this are the digital mixers from Behringer. As brands of the Music Group, the Behringer X32 series benefit from the common technology pool and offer the optimum mixing console for every user at an unbeatable price.


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Digital Mixer from Behringer

The Behringer is a flexible digital mixer for the most varied applications between live and recording. There are also smaller versions of the console in the form of the X32 Compact and X32 Producer, which are excellent as a mix environment next to the DAW. Bands that create their own live mix can rely on the convenient X32 19" rack version, which can be controlled via the remote tablet app like all X32 mixers. The monitoring and stagebox systems P-16M and S16 Digital Snake used in the X32 are based on digital audio networks - ideal for the stage and practical in the recording studio.


X32 – everything a mixer needs

For the good sound, the Behringer X32 rely on the technology of 32 high-quality MIDAS preamps. The Behringer X32 offers a total of 40 input channels, 25 mix buses and 8 high-quality digital effects. With preset-controlled total recall, mix automation and motorized faders, the X32 becomes a compact system with professional mix comfort. No wonder the Behringer X32 has quickly become the standard among digital mixing consoles.


Wireless Mix with a Tablet App

In order to give even smaller bands the X32 technology at an even more favorable price, Behringer has created the XR18 as a stagebox / tablet-mixer combination. The system is robust, convenient and can be placed anywhere on the stage, because the entire audio mix is completed wirelessly via the remote app. In addition, the XR18 is also an excellent complement to a computer-based recording system. The XR18 is not the same as the X32's, but with 18 inputs, 6 aux channels, 4 effects, and the Ultranet for personal monitoring, it also offers high flexibility and top quality at a low price for live bands and recording applications. In addition to the XR18, smaller versions are available in the form of the XR16 and XR12.


Tablet Mix in Console Format: Behringer X18

Behringer offers the X18 As a rack version. Designed as a console housing, the X18 can accommodate an iPad and other tablets. The app then provides all the Mix features. Both for XR18 and the X18: high-quality MIDAS preamps, integrated 18x18 USB audio interface, Ultranet, virtual FX rack with numerous emulations of famous studio effects. Additional effects can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.