Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

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Behringer X32 Digital Mixer  Product Image
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32-channel digital console, 16 Mix buses, 6 mute and 8 DCA groups, 40-bit floating point DSP  All product info

Product variations

Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer w/ MIDAS Preamps

Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer w/ MIDAS Preamps Product Image
  • Number of analog inputs: 16-32
  • 19"-capable: No
£ 1,723.00

Behringer X32 Producer

Behringer X32 Producer Product Image
  • Number of analog inputs: 16-32
  • 19"-capable: Yes, rack brackets available
£ 1,510.00

Behringer X32 Rack

Behringer X32 Rack Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Number of Channels: 40.0
  • Number of Microphone Inputs: 16.0
  • Headphone inputs: 1.0
  • Equalizer: Yes
  • ...
£ 1,198.00

Behringer X32-TP

Behringer X32-TP Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Number of Channels: 32.0
  • Number of analog inputs: 32-64
  • Number of analog outputs: 8-10
  • Number of Busses: 16.0
  • ...

Behringer X32 Compact-TP

Behringer X32 Compact-TP Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Number of Channels: 40.0
  • Number of analog inputs: 16-32
  • Number of analog outputs: 14-16
  • Number of Busses: 25.0
  • ...

Behringer X32 Producer-TP

Behringer X32 Producer-TP Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Number of Channels: 40.0
  • Number of analog inputs: 16-32
  • Number of analog outputs: 8-10
  • Number of Busses: 25.0
  • ...
£ 2,140.00
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Product information - Behringer X32

The most successful digital recording / PA mixer of all time. The absolute top seller!!!

Behringer X32 -  Digitalpult und DAW Controller

The BEHRINGER X32 digital mixing console - master every situation.

... Live - and in the studio !

Up to 40 channels, 25 mix busses and 8 high-quality stereo effects !

The Behringer X32 has revolutionized the field of digital mixers - never before has there been so much mixer for so little money: 40 input channels, 32 preamps based on the models of high-quality Midas mixers, 25 mix buses and 8 high-quality stereo effects leave nothing to be desired in live and studio environments. The Behringer X32 is both suited for live and studio mixing. This digital mixer can be integrated into the recording studio as an audio interface and DAW controller and can be connected to digital audio networks for the digital monitor mix as well as for recording channels via digital stagebox. All applications focus on convenient and intuitive mixing and routing of many audio signals simultaneously - with the Behringer X32 digital mixer, you can finally concentrate on your audio mix again. Thanks to the ability of directly accessing all important functions, annoying searches through too many display menus becomes a thing of the past.


Digital Mixing with the Behringer X32: Intuitive and Fast Configuration

The Behringer X32 is intuitive and powerful and can be adapted to almost any application in a flash. With up to 40 input channels, 25 mix busses and 8 high-quality stereo effects, there's nothing left to be desired, whether it is used in a live or studio situation. The Behringer X32 enables the fastest possible setup of a mixing environment anywhere.

Total Recall

Thanks to Total Recall, custom configurations and mixes can be called up at the touch of a button. This is especially practical for live bands who use the Behringer digital mixing console for composition and recording as well as for live shows. The mixing console is quickly reconfigured as a central element for every situation.

Behringer X32
X32 Behringer

Midas Mixer Quality Included

The excellent sound quality of the Behringer X32 is largely due to the high quality preamps installed in the 32 main channels - here the X32 benefits from the highly appreciated quality of the Midas consoles. The manufacturer of the highest quality analogue and digital mixing consoles Midas is - like Behringer itself - a brand of the Music Group.

High Quality Microphone Preamplifiers

The programmable, high-quality microphone preamplifiers in the Behringer X32 are based on true MIDAS design right up to the A/D converter. The result provides superior common mode rejection (CMRR) and extremely low THD.

X32 Behringer rear

Digital Mixer and Digital Audio Network

In the past, you had to lay huge amounts of cable harnesses between the mixing console and the recording room or stage, now a simple connection via an Ethernet/Cat5e cable is perfectly sufficient for the Behringer X32. The development took place in close cooperation with Behringer's sister companies Midas and Klark Teknik and makes it possible to supplement the in and out channels.

In addition, Behringer offers support for various digital audio formats such as Dante.

X32 Behringer

Optional expansion cards

The Behringer X-LIVE is an optional expansion card for 32-channel live recording / playback on SD / SDHC cards and USB audio / MIDI interface. When using two SD cards simultaneously, up to 3 hours of audio can be recorded and stored in 48 kHz / 32-bit PCM of 32 channels.

Multi-channel recording without computer connection, virtual sound checks, live-backing-track feed - the X-Live expansion card opens up completely new application possibilities.

Card is not included!

Performance-oriented and always up-to-date

Their collaboration also paid off in terms of graphical user interface. The desk excels with very good clarity and ultra-low latencies. Behringer does not stop there, but offers continuous improvements via firmware updates.

X32 Behringer display
Behringer X32 Rack
The Behringer X32 Rack contains the entire technology in a 19" rack format.

Behringer X32 mixer in many variations

A used Behringer X32 is hard to find, as it is extremely popular and rarely changes hands. It is much more common to complement the Behringer mixer with the numerous other products of the X32 family, which are fully compatible with each other. This includes e.g. the set of S16 and X32 core... or the practical rack version Behringer X32 Rack.

Behringer P-16M Powerplay
Digital Monitor Mixer: Behringer P-16M Powerplay. (Not included!)

Behringer X32 and digital monitor mix

A big advantage of the Behringer digital mixer is the possible integration of a digital monitor system. The Behringer P-16M Powerplay can be easily connected to the Behringer X32 via Ethernet cable and then offers 16 channels that can be individually mixed. Thanks to a Thru socket, the network signal can be forwarded to other P-16M units - a personal monitoring system with several Behringer P-16M Powerplay can be set up in just a few simple steps, where each musician can mix their own monitor mix. Each channel can be adjusted with bass and treble EQ, volume and limiter. There is currently no easier, more convenient and cheaper way to get such an extensive and flexible monitor mix.

Behringer S16 Digital Snake
Digital Stagebox as extension to Behringer X32: Behringer S16 Digital Snake (not included)

Digital Mixer plus Digital Stagebox

Just like the Behringer P-16M Powerplay, the S16 Digital Snake is the ideal addition to the digital mixer. The digital stagebox was developed in close cooperation with Klark Teknik and enables digital integration of the stagebox into the mixing system of the Behringer X32, eliminating the need to move heavy multicores from the FOH mixer to the stage, as the S16 Digital Snake can be connected to the Behringer X32 using conventional Ethernet cables. 


The Immense Power of the X32 Family

X32 Behringer

The Behringer X32:

  • 32-channel digital console
  • 16 mix buses, 6 mute and 8 DCA groups
  • 32 microphone preamps based on a MIDAS circuit design
  • 40-bit floating point DSP
  • Virtually unlimited dynamics and near-zero latency
  • Fully automatable 100mm faders
  • DAW control (HUI and Mackie control)
  • 32 x 32 channel audio interface via X-USB card (USB 2.0)
  • Scene Management for easy control and perfect overview
  • iPad App for professional remote functions for free
  • High-Resolution 7" Color TFT
  • Individual and dynamic LCD Scribble Strips on all channels
  • Main LCR, 6 matrix and 16 mix busses, each with insert, 6-band parametric EQs and compressors
  • Virtual FX rack with 8 True-Stereo FX Slots
  • High-end simulations like Lexicon 480L and PCM70, EMT250 and Quantec QRS etc.
  • Future firmware updates offer new FX plugins
  • 16 analog XLR outputs plus 6 additional line inputs/outputs
  • 2 headphone sockets
  • Talkback section with integrated TB microphone
  • 48-channel Digital Snake ready via AES50 ports with KLARK TEKNIK's SuperMAC technology
  • Adjustable delays at all physical inputs and outputs
  • USB port on the user interface for uncompressed 2-track playback/recording directly to a stick or as backup or recall for scenes or libraries
  • Freely configurable controller section for direct access to favored parameters
  • ULTRANET connector for BEHRINGER's P-16 Personal Monitoring System Networked Remote Control

Behringer X32 powered by Midas - The Overview


  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Number of Channels: 40
  • Number of Microphone Inputs: 32
  • Headphone inputs: 2
  • Network connections: Ethernet
  • Other interfaces: USB
  • Rack Installation Possible: No
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Number of analog inputs: 32-64
  • 19"-capable: No
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer  Product ImageBehringer X32 Digital Mixer
£ 2,140.00
£ 2,999.00
£ 2,140.00
£ 1,723.00
£ 1,658.00

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