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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream

Item: SYN0006803-000
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The Black Corporation Deckard´s Dream is an 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer inspired by iconic film soundtrack music.  All product info

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Deckard´s Dream

Black Corporation Deckard´s Dream Analogue Synthesizer

The Black Corporation Deckard´s Dream is a modern take on the classic Yamaha CS-80. This 8-voice rack synthesizer supplies a fully analogue signal path and 2x layers per voice, which can be adjusted in parallel on the control panel with faders. Each voice consists of 2x (per layer) oscillators with PWM, saw-tooth and sine wave patterns, 12dB low pass and high pass filters with resonance, 2x ADSR envelopes for filter & VCA, as well as sophisticated control for these elements via keyboard.

Made famous by Vangelis, and heavily used on the Blade Runner soundtrack, Deckard’s Dream supplies thick, lush and creamy tones, with edgy leads and full, emotive pads. Gone are the days when the 100 kilo heavy colossus Yamaha CS-80 had to be moved in exceptional cases and had to be content with 4x storage spaces; the compact 4U high 19" case of Deckard's Dream accommodates all sound-relevant parameters of the original.

Updated for 2019, Deckard’s Dream improves on the CS-80 sound by providing 256x memory locations for storing sounds, plus amenities such as an OLED display, software editor via USB, full MIDI control and alternative keys. This is a wonderful successor to a timeless classic.

The main features of the Black Corporation Deckard´s Dream include:

  • 8-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer
  • Fully Analogue Signal Path
  • 2x Synthesis Layers per Voice
  • 256x Pre-Sets (128x Factory & 128x User)
  • 128×64 OLED Screen
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 178 x 200mm
  • Weight: 4.8kg

Summary from SOS magazine March 2019


  • It can sound much like a CS80… in other words, wonderful.
  • It can go to places that a CS80 can’t, and still sound wonderful.
  • I don’t need a friend (or nowadays two friends) to help me move it.
  • It’s not 42 years old.


  • You’ll need the Expander to emulate a CS80 fully.
  • Patch selection and editing the parameters in the menus is a pain in the arse.
  • The annual is under development and contains errors.
  • It has an external power supply, a barrel connector and no stress relief. When will manufacturers learn?


I was impressed by Deckard’s Dream. Although its patch selection and software navigation is, at best, inconvenient, its sound is superb and it fills a hole occupied by none of the other current recreations of vintage analogue synths. If you love the CS80, I think that you’ll love this too. Even if you don’t, it’s a damn fine polysynth that deserves your attention.


The idea of a modern CS80 will excite many players and Deckard’s Dream fulfils this role admirably. With additional parameters, new voicing modes, MIDI automation and more, it also goes far beyond the original without ever sacrificing its underlying character. I asked Black Corporation whether a keyboard version might be in the works but they responded that its not; they wont even consider this until a suitable poly-aftertouch-capable keybed becomes available. But for now, weighing in nearly 100kg less than its inspiration and occupying just 4U, Deckard’s Dream will fit into every studio and bedroom in exactly the way that an original CS80 doesn’t.

- Gordon Reid, Sound on Sound (March 2019)


  • Manufacturer: Black Corporation
  • Construction / Number of Keys: 19 Inch
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Adjustable Velocity Curve: Yes
  • Keyboard Split: Yes
  • Aftertouch: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Analog
  • Polyphony: 8
  • Number of Sounds: 256
  • Number of Faders: 70
  • Number of Knobs: 2
  • Number of Keys: 5
  • Display: Yes
  • MIDI Interface: Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface: Yes
  • LINE IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • Headphone Connection: 6.3mm
  • Power Supply: Adapter, external
  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes
  • Width (cm): 48.3
  • Height (cm): 17.8
  • Depth (cm): 20
  • Weight (kg): 4.8
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