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Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M 823-865MHz

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Receiver with slight scratches  All product info

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Electro Voice RE3-ND76-5L 488-524MHz

Electro Voice RE3-ND76-5L 488-524MHz Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Electro Voice
  • Capsule Type: Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • On/Off Switch: Yes
  • Frequency Range from (Hz): 30.0
  • ...
£ 508.00

Electro Voice RE3-ND76-5H 560-596MHz

Electro Voice RE3-ND76-5H 560-596MHz Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Electro Voice
  • Capsule Type: Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • On/Off Switch: Yes
  • Frequency Range from (Hz): 30.0
  • ...
£ 508.00
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Receiver with slight scratches
Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M 823-865MHz

Electro Voice RE3 is a complete package of hand-held and pocket transmitters for several frequency ranges. With 5 new detachable microphone capsules, the great sound of the ND Series and the new RE420 and RE520 microphones is transmitted to any portable radio system. RE3 wireless microphones are available for European countries only and operate on different bandwidths for European markets. To minimize the complexity of today's demanding RF environments, operating channels include both

  • 5L - 488-524 MHz
  • 5H - 560-596 MHz
  • 6M - 653-663 MHz
  • as well as the free 8M, 823-865 MHz frequency band

main features

  • 36 MHz tuning bandwidths (most bands) / 1440 selectable frequencies
  • Eight groups with up to 22 frequency-coordinated channels in one group
  • Electro-Voice capsules of the ND and RE series on handheld transmitters for outstanding sound quality.
  • Selectable low/high transmitter output power -- 10 mW and 50 mW in most bandwidths (10 mW in EU specific band only)
  • Rechargeable transmitter and battery charging station (optional accessory)
Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M

The Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M is a portable UHF radio set with ND76 dynamic cardioid microphone head for vocals and presentations. The ND 76's clear, clear and balanced voice presence is ideal for all-round speech applications.

Setup is quick and easy with the RE3's Clear Frequency Scan and Sync functions, and the radio link between the rugged handheld transmitter and diversity receiver provides stable system performance.

This Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M consists of the microphone ND76-RC3 head with ND76 capsule, the RE3-HHT hand transmitter and the RE3-RX diversity receiver.

ND76-RC3 Microphone head with ND76 capsule

The electrovoice ND76-RC3 is a rugged, high-performance, dynamic, screw-on cardiodide vocal microphone head for wireless handheld transmitters.

The microphone head fits electrically and mechanically for wireless Electro-Voice (and many other brands) handheld transmitters, the 3-contact rings, with 1.25" diameter and a thread pitch of 28". The floating ID collar rotates freely until the head is firmly screwed on. It remains engaged when fully tightened. This enables the desired alignment of the branding to the transmitter. Designed for universal speech applications, this precisely tuned capsule provides an intelligible, clear, and balanced voice presence as well as excellent isolation from
stage noise. The dynamic capsule of the microphone head contains a large Mylar diaphragm, which offers a full and detailed frequency response due to its large surface for tonal balance and extremely light, responsive material for optimum transient response.

The microphone head features an innovative ShockMount system of the capsule consisting of a 4-point suspension combined with a tuned pneumatic pump at the capsule base. This optimally reduces noise to avoid mechanical vibrations and noises in the mix.
The Memraflex grid consists of a durable close-meshed grid wire, which also withstands extremely rough treatment. Your microphone head remains protected and still looks good after many gigs and years. For added protection, the capsule contains a water-repellent cloth membrane that prevents moisture and dirt from reaching the membrane. The capsule uses a humbucking spiral to dampen hum and electromagnetic interference. Use ND dynamic microphones in confidence near speakers and EMF-generating device racks.

Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M 823-865MHz
Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M

Electro Voice RE3-HHT hand transmitter

The RE3-HHT is a lightweight but robust UHF handheld transmitter. It is ideal for professional performance and presentation applications. Due to the common microphone head coupling with a diameter of 1.25" and a thread pitch of 28 UN-2A, it accepts microphone heads with this common coupling convention. Although the RE3-HHT is primarily intended for the ND and RE series heads designed for the RE3, it will adapt other microphone heads with the 1.25" diameter thread pitch coupling scheme and 28 UN-2A.

The all-metal housing is rugged and durable and operates with 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH cells.

The ultrasonic synchronization function allows easy system setup by synchronizing the transmitter with receiver frequency tuning and other functional data.

The selectable output power (band-specific) helps to meet the challenges of long or short transmission distances.

The tuning bandwidth provides generous frequency tuning capabilities that help avoid various sources of possible interference.

The threaded coupling allows easy and convenient mounting and replacement of different heads.

The charging contacts enable functional use with the optional BC2 charging station, so that the NiMH batteries can be charged in two pocket transmitters without removal.

Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M
Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M 823-865MHz

Electro Voice RE3-RX Diversity Receiver

The RE3-RX is a UHF diversity receiver with clear frequency sampling, wireless synchronization with the transmitter, balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼" TRS outputs.

The receiver fits perfectly with any RE3-HHT handheld or RE3-BPT pocket transmitter within the same band. Setup is quick and easy with the RE3's Clear Frequency Scan and Sync functions, and the radio link between the rugged handheld transmitter and diversity receiver provides stable system performance.

The RE3-RX is a professional, rack-mountable, ½ Space Diversity receiver. Designed as a control center for a RE3 wireless set, it features frequency sampling and synchronization and full transmitter control settings that synchronize with a suitable transmitter.

Diversity reception technology minimizes the likelihood of signal failure by providing two separate antenna positions that are electronically selected individually depending on signal strength and stability.

The easy-to-use frequency sampling function simplifies finding and tuning to a clear operating frequency. The synchronization function wirelessly synchronizes all operating parameters with the corresponding transmitter.

The wide tuning bandwidth allows access to a wide frequency range, selectable in 25kHz steps for interference-free operation of single and multi-channel systems.

The easy-to-read LCD display provides a clear overview of all menus and operating parameters.

Electro Voice RE3-ND76-8M

Further scope of delivery

  • Microphone tripod adapter
  • Two receiver antennas
  • Universal power supply unit
  • Two AA batteries
  • Hardware for rack mounting the receiver
  • instruction manual
  • documentation package
  • declaration of conformity


  • Manufacturer: Electro Voice
  • Capsule Type: Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • On/Off Switch: Yes
  • Frequency Range from (Hz): 30
  • Frequency Range to (Hz): 17000
  • Frequency Band: UHF
  • Diversity: Yes
  • Detachable antenna: Yes
  • Wireless System: Vocal
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