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Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition

Item: SYN0008846-000
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Elektron's versatile drum computer with hybrid sound generation, the excellent sequencer with parameter locks and MIDI tracks  All product info

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Elektron Syntakt

Elektron Syntakt Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Elektron
  • Construction / Number of Keys: Desktop without keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Hybrid analog/digital
  • Number of Knobs: 10.0
  • ...
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Product information - Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition

Drum computer with hybrid sound generation

  • 12 tracks (8 digital, 4 analogue)
  • 11 digital machines
  • 16 analog machines
  • 4-16 polyphonic MIDI tracks for external equipment
  • Keyboard mode with 36 scales
  • 128 patterns
  • Pattern length up to 64 steps (4 bars)
  • Individual length per track
  • Individual scaling per track
  • Parameter locks
  • Micro timing
  • Re-trigger & trigger probability
  • Reverb & Delay effects
  • USB MIDI & audio via Elektron Overbridge
  • MIDI In, Out, Thru
  • 2x DIN Sync Out
  • Mounting holes for VESA bracket (100x100mm / M4)
  • Incl. power supply unit
  • E25 Remix Edition with exclusive accessories!
The E25 Remix Edition of the Syntakt!

25 years of Elektron!

On the occasion of Elektron's 25th anniversary, the Swedes present the E25 Remix Edition! The current Digitakt, Digitone and Syntakt grooveboxes are available in a limited edition with a silver stainless steel housing. This is also a reminder of the cult instruments MachineDrum and MonoMachine, which rightly brought Elektron fame over 20 years ago. In 1998, the now legendary Sidstation was the starting signal for the innovative company that never ceases to surprise us. In terms of technology and features, the E25 Remix Edition is identical to the black model. What makes the difference is the elegant look and the exclusive accessories.

Other features of the E25 Remix Edition are

  • Silver stainless steel case
  • Laser-engraved logo
  • Number stamp
  • Newly designed box
  • E25 poster
  • Exclusive sticker sheet
  • Silver tape with one hour of music by Elektron

The Elektron Syntakt at a glance

With Syntakt, Elektron presents an extensively equipped drum computer with hybrid sound generation, the ability to be a synthesizer and, of course, a sophisticated sequencer. The compact instrument with the same dimensions as Digitakt and Digitone offers twelve tracks, which are divided into eight digital and four analogue tracks. These tracks are loaded with machines and ultimately stored in the drum kit. The machines, of which there are a total of 37 different ones, are specialized for certain sounds and can be edited extensively. Whether you equip a drum kit with just kick drums, twelve synth tracks, funky percussion, a thunderstorm of metallic cymbals and HiHats or the typical Mix with various sounds is up to the user. You can look forward to familiar sounds, lots of new things, enormous musicality and plenty of room for experimentation. The famous Elektron sequencer with parameter locks and lots of programmable dynamics also contributes significantly to this.

Electronic syntactic display

Elektron Syntakt eight digital and four analog tracks

[Drum]sounds for the next decades!

The twelve simultaneously available tracks are divided into eight digital and four analogue tracks, which are loaded with a "Machine" and are then specialized in certain sounds or categories. The eight digital tracks offer 11 machines, which are divided into 1x Bass drum, 2x snare drum, 1x cymbal/hihat, 1x percussion, 1x Clap and 5x tonal synth. Each track also has a distortion, a multimode filter, a bandwidth filter and two assignable LFOs. The distortion and both filters of the digital machines are also digital. The four analogue tracks are initially divided into three Drum tracks and one Cymbal track. For the Drum tracks, this means a selection of 16 machines, which are divided into 6x Bass drum, 4x snare drum, 2x rimshot, 2x Dual VCO synth, 1x impulse and 1x Noise generator. The Cymbal track has 15 machines specializing in metal sounds: 5x hihat, 3x cymbal, 2x cowbell, 1x impulse and 1x Noise generator. Each of the four analogue tracks also has an analogue distortion and an analogue multimode filter as well as two assignable LFOs. Tonal synth and dual VCO synth machines? Yes, the Syntakt offers 7 machines designed for typical synthesizer sounds; two of them are even analogue! All tracks are given the finishing touches with the excellent-sounding digital effects Delay and Reverb. These can be edited extensively and range from subtle to club-like to cinematic. This is where it becomes clear that the Syntakt is so much more than just a drum computer: in keyboard mode, these tonally playable sound generation models reveal their full potential and bring the device within the radius of action of grooveboxes.

Live sequencer!

The Syntakt's sequencer is absolutely suitable for live use, quick to program and, above all, easy to learn. Real-time and rock-solid timing are the magic words for Elektron's recipe for success. A total of 128 patterns can be saved. Each pattern can have a maximum length of up to 64 steps (4 bars), furthermore, each track can be provided with its own step length and scaling. Naturally, the Syntakt also features parameter locks, allowing individual parameters to be locked to one or more steps without permanently affecting the sound. Other features such as the keyboard mode with 36 tone scales, shuffle, micro timing or programmable trigger probability effectively round off the intervention options. In addition to the 12 internal tracks, there are four MIDI tracks for external MIDI equipment such as a desktop synth. The tracks are four-voice polyphonic playable respectively programmable, allow the addressing of eight CC parameters and an LFO can be freely assigned. If you ever need more MIDI tracks, you can also convert the internal tracks into MIDI tracks.

Elektron Syntakt Live Sequencer

Elektron Syntakt Live Sequencer

OS.1.20 with new synth engines

A lot has changed in the syntax with Os1.20! In addition to some bug fixes and detail improvements, the main focus of this update is on the two new synth engines.

SY Raw is an analogue machine with two detunable oscillators and a noise generator. OSC2 can be controlled with a decay envelope. If required, the phase position can be restarted with each note, which is particularly beneficial for basses. Both oscillators can be ring modulated and there is a dedicated overdrive for this machine.

SY Swarm is a digital machine with the famous supersaw. There are six symmetrically arranged, tunable oscillators around a fundamental oscillator. These are modulated by a decay envelope, three LFOs and a noise generator to create the popular rave sounds. Of course, SY Swarm also has a separate overdrive.

Introducing the e25 Remix Edition

Syntakt SY Raw machine overview

Syntakt SY Swarm machine overview

Elektron SYNTAKT Review & Full Tutorial // All 32 Factory patterns too

SYNTAKT is here! And it Rocks // First track 100% Syntakt

elektron syntakt ... ambient, psybient, downbeat


  • Manufacturer: Elektron
  • Construction / Number of Keys: Desktop without keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Hybrid analog/digital
  • Number of Knobs: 10
  • Number of Keys: 39
  • Display: Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface: Yes
  • USB AUDIO Interface: Yes
  • Headphone Connection: Yes
  • Mounting Options: MIDI Step Sequencer
  • MIDI Interface: Yes
  • LINE IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 1.53
  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
  • Polyphony: 12
  • Power Supply: Adapter, external
  • Width (cm): 21.5
  • Height (cm): 6.3
  • Depth (cm): 17.6
Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition Product ImageElektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition
£ 958.00
£ 888.00
£ 869.00
£ 835.00

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