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Enable Social Media Furthrrrr Generator silver is a complex dual oscillator based on the Buchla 259.  All product info

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  • Manufacturer:
  • TE / HP: 30.0
  • Depth (mm): 15.0
  • + 12 V (mA): 180.0
  • - 12 V (mA): 215.0
£ 666.00 Furthrrrr Generator BLCK_EDITION Furthrrrr Generator BLCK_EDITION Product Image
  • Manufacturer:
  • TE / HP: 30.0
  • Depth (mm): 15.0
  • + 12 V (mA): 180.0
  • - 12 V (mA): 215.0
£ 560.00
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Product information - Furthrrrr Generator silver

Dual Oscillator Furthrrrr Generator silver is oscillator module for Eurorack Modular Synthesizer. Its complex design is based on the structure of Buchla 259.

Main Oscillator (Carrier)

Furthrrrr Generator has a main oscillator (carrier) with an extensive, fully voltage controllable Wave multiplier as well as a modulation oscillator (modulator) which can also cross modulate the main oscillator. Each oscillator has hard and Soft sync and has an integrated tuner. The frequency pots of both oscillators have 10 turns and allow easy tuning of the VCOs. The frequency range of both VCOs is 10Hz-10kHz (of course the LFO mode of the modulator goes lower).

The main oscillator (carrier) outputs the waveforms sine, sawtooth, square and noise. The two outputs are the "harmonic section". This creates very complex sounds through the Wave multiplier in the right section and its parameters Symmetry, Order and furthrrrr. Symmetry lowers the level of the even harmonics and boosts the odd harmonics (for the square wave output, this also changes the pulse width). Order adds saturation to the high harmonics and is somewhat reminiscent of a low pass filter. Furthrrrr changes the level of the harmonics that were set by the other parameters and creates very interesting, overtone-rich, sometimes brute sounds by convolution. All three parameters can also be controlled by control voltages. There are inputs for soft and hard-sync, the sync switch can be used to sync directly to the modulator.

Modulation Oscillator (Modulator)

The modulation oscillator (modulator) has three waveforms with direct outputs; sine, sawtooth and square. When modulating internally via the "mood section", the waveforms are selected via a button; there is an additional staircase waveform, but this is disabled by plugging a signal into the external input. A toggle switch activates the LFO mode.

The Mood section is responsible for the internal modulation of the carrier via the modulator. Toggle switches set the modulation destination(s), which of course can be activated simultaneously. These are the Furthrrrr parameter of the harmonic section, the amplitude and the frequency of the main oscillator. The Balanced switch activates the ring modulation between both VCOs. The intensity of the modulation is controlled by the "mood index" potentiometer and the corresponding CV input with bipolar attenuator. Furthrrrr Generator silver at a glance:

  • Width: 30 TE
  • Connections: CV input Mood

each per carrier/modulator:

  • Sine output
  • Sawtooth output
  • Square wave output
  • Soft Sync Input
  • Hard Sync Input
  • CV Inputs 3x
  • FM input
stupidbar - Furthrrrr Generator demo by LIN/LOG Furthrrrr Generator - overview by Marko Ciciliani


  • Manufacturer:
  • TE / HP: 30
  • Depth (mm): 15
  • + 12 V (mA): 180
  • - 12 V (mA): 215 Furthrrrr Generator silver Product Furthrrrr Generator silver
£ 666.00
£ 589.00
£ 556.00
£ 519.00
£ 285.00

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