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Fame DP 8600 BT WH V2

Item: EPI0001192-000
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Digital piano with hammer action and weighted keyboard. Digital Piano Arranger, 181 Sounds, USB and Bluetooth  All product info

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Product information - FAME DP 8600K BT WH V2

The V2 model in white matt piano lacquer. Now in the new housing with continuous rear panel

Fame DP-8600 BT

Take your time and read the many good reviews. Rarely has a piano been so uniformly well rated

The piano performs so well because it perfoms in the price range for well over 1000,- Euros. Only through our direct purchase from the factory we can offer you this instrument so affordable. For over 20 years we have been buying FAME pianos from one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the Far East, who also produces instruments for other well-known names. Especially the high quality is worth mentioning.

The V2 model presents itself in a new case with a continuous back panel and a high quality color scheme!

Here are the many advantages of the DP-8600 BT V2:

The keyboard

A real hammer action keyboard that lets you feel how the hammers (simulated) hit the strings. You feel the pressure point and the weight of each key (the big difference to a keyboard keyboard). The built-in 3 sensors make the DP-8600 BT WH V2 very dynamic to play. The stronger you strike, the more brilliant the sound. The surface of the keys is made of a substance similar to ivory, which does not feel slippery even with sweaty hands. The keyboard can withstand years of playing without feeling "clattery". The keys themselves have an ivory-beige color finish and are not snow-white.

The piano sound

The modern high-performance processor with a polyphony of 256 voices produces a very realistic piano sound. In the low range the powerful basses, in the middle range beautiful mids and in the treble a lot of brilliance. Due to the three-stage keyboard scan, you not only play loud or soft per key, but also various levels in between. This makes playing very lively and realistic. Beginners will only notice this advantage when their game has become fluid.

Large selection of timbres

Even if the piano & grand piano tones are in the foreground, furthermore there is a whole orchestra of instruments at your disposal: 181 instruments in total. From a range of piano tones to classical strings, harpsichord, saxophones, trumpets, accordion, flutes, there is almost anything you could wish for. By the way, you can also connect two instruments together respectively superimpose them; eg. Piano and strings.

Built-in effects processor for reverb and chorus.

This sounds very technical at first, but it's not. The effect processor simply creates a room sound (called REVERB ). It transforms your living room into a concert hall. This is very impressive. Suddenly you are sitting with your instrument on stage in a concert hall. You can set the size of the concert hall yourself. But the effects processor can do even more. It can also create various chorus effects. Hard to describe, you have to hear it.

60 pieces to replay

Even if you have the sheet music in front of your eyes, you know how hard it is to play some passages from the sheet. That's why the DP 8600K BT WH V2 offers 60 well-known pieces to replay. It starts with the Entertainer and goes up to the Elise. You choose the speed. Really a great help to rehearse the well-known pieces that every piano player wants to know.

Large display

This makes operation easier. With some other piano models in this price range, programming is not easy without a display. A lot of settings have to be made in a very small space to the left of the keyboard. Much easier with the DP-8600 BT WH V2.

Built-in metronome

This replaces the old metronome that used to sit on top of every piano and tell the student the correct beat. You can't learn without it!

The beautiful case

No other electric piano under 1000,- is as visually successful as the DP-8600 BT WH V2. With its 59 kg the instrument looks very massive. All parts are made of stronger material. The side panels with the sturdy brackets, the heavy case cover, and the keyboard cover that neatly encloses the keyboard. The "version 2" has a closed back panel. This not only gives the entire construction more stability, but also spoils the eye with an even more valuable appearance. Everything makes a representative impression. The piano also cuts a fine figure in a beautiful setting. The matte white lacquer gives the instrument an appealing finish!

Beautiful case with keyboard cover
Keyboard split and Twinova function

Twinova, dual sound and keyboard split

equal a number of other possibilities: Twinova splits the keyboard into two tonally equivalent sections, allowing the piano teacher to play the same piece in his or her section as the student is asked to reproduce.

Two timbres at the same time

Underlay your piano sound with e.g. a string orchestra. This sounds fantastic!

Keyboard Split

The name says it all. You can split the keyboard into two sections, so that you can play a plucked bass with the left hand and an organ sound with the right hand, or play soft string chords on the left and a harpsichord on the right.

Piano Accompaniment Arranger

Those who want to play hits and evergreens in addition to classical music usually have a problem. It takes a lot of practice to play a good accompaniment with the left hand to modern pieces. With the built-in piano arranger, however, it is very easy. If you want to play a boogie woogie, select "Boogie Woogie", press only one chord with the left hand and the arranger will conjure up a perfect boogie woogie accompaniment. Now you only need to play the melody with the right hand. The same goes naturally also with Swing and South American rhythms. A total of 50 different piano accompaniments are at your disposal. Your audience will be amazed, because you play like a modern bar pianist.

But attention! This is not an automatic accompaniment like on the keyboards, where "a thousand instruments plus drums" sound. The accompaniment plays only piano accompaniment chords, as a trained pianist would do.

Various connection options: Bluetooth, USB stick, MP3 player

Once you can run your piano through your stereo system, which can add to the volume of sound, if you have a good system. But you can also connect your computer if you want to be creative and create your own songs. Or you can connect an MP3 or CD player via the AUX jack. As another highlight, there is also Bluetooth and USB. Via Bluetooth you can transfer songs from your cell phone to the DP 8600K BT WH V2 and play them. And if you want to record and save your songs, plug a USB stick into the available socket.

A powerful amplifier!

It is not primarily about high volume, but about a powerful, round sound. The built-in stereo amplifiers with two times 25 watts have 2 above-average 17 cm speakers. The treble is reproduced via 2 x 5 cm speakers. Many customers think that you have to play with headphones to be able to play quietly.

But that's not true: you can simply turn down the volume without headphones so that you can't be heard in the next room. One of the great advantages given over a traditional piano. On the other hand, if you want to play with full dynamics and higher volume without disturbing others, then it is recommended to put on the headphones. By the way, two sets of headphones can be connected, so you can also vigorously play the keys with four hands. Or your daughter can play the piano together with her friend without disturbing you.

Three pedals

Even though in the learning phase you will first use only the right pedal, that is, the pedal with which you add sonority to your playing. As long as you keep it depressed, the notes will "stand still" and only slowly fade out. The other two pedals have the function of dampening the overall sound and the sustenuto pedal has the very specific task of holding only a particular chord or sequence of notes longer. A function that you will use much later.

The assembly!

The DP-8600 BT WH V2 is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box by the shipping company "free curbside". Two people can "heave" the carton into the house; but we recommend to make it easy for yourself. Cut the carton open immediately upon arrival and remove the individual parts. Individually, the parts are all not very heavy. The heaviest part is the game table. Two people should lift it out of the box and carry it into the apartment. There, the piano is quickly assembled with the help of the instructions (but can also be done without). First you assemble the base and then place the console on the base. 4 screws screwed in... ready. All screws fit perfectly. Here, too, you can see the high quality standard of FAME.

Why are FAME products so affordable?

Because we have been buying FAME products directly from one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the Far East for over 20 years, so there is no wholesale stage. In addition, we always buy FAME in large quantities by container to get the best prices. Due to the high manufacturing quality, we grant a warranty period of 3 years on FAME products.


  • Colour: White
  • Surface: Matted
  • Construction / Number of Keys: 88
  • Hammer Action: Yes
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Digital
  • Style Arranger: Yes
  • Adjustable Velocity Curve: Yes
  • Display: Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface: Yes
  • USB AUDIO Interface: Yes
  • Headphone Connection: Yes
  • Mounting Options: MIDI and Audio Recorder
  • Storage Media: USB Stick
  • Speakers: Yes
  • MIDI Interface: Yes
  • LINE IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes
  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
  • Keyboard Split: Yes
  • Power Supply: Adapter, external
  • Version: Triple Pedal
  • Amplifier Output (Watt): 2 x 25
Fame DP 8600 BT WH V2 Product ImageFame DP 8600 BT WH V2
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£ 554.00
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