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PRS guitars are renowned and popular as premium electric guitars with excellent playing and sound characteristics...  Keep reading

PRS Guitars – Premium Electric Guitars by Paul Reed Smith

PRS guitars are coveted and loved by guitarists worldwide – from the fledging rocker to the seasoned pro, PRS’ standard and quality ensure a stunning and versatile instrument, whatever your budget. Owner and master Luthier Paul Reed Smith has sought the opinion of professional guitarists to continually improve his electric guitars. He visited the bands and musicians at their concerts and let them try the PRS guitars backstage. Paul Reed Smith also had Carlos Santana play one of his guitars, which he said was an "accident of God" because it looked so good and played so well. He immediately ordered two PRS guitars. With Carlos Santana playing these live and in the studio, the popularity of the PRS guitars increased significantly, and even today Santata still plays guitars by Paul Reed Smith.

The Golden Spot between Fender and Gibson guitars

PRS guitars define the golden spot between behemoth builders Fender and Gibson, and are characterized by unbelievably high standards of workmanship, versatility in tone as well as the optional use of rare or special materials to build guitars of unique beauty. High quality has its price - so it's no wonder that PRS guitars are among the more expensive electric guitars, though they do cater to all players budgets with their SE Range.

The Founding of PRS Guitars

In 1985 the first mature PRS Custom 24 models were produced, which is considered the completion of the foundations of the company. The result of Smith’s collaboration with former Gibson boss Ted McCarty is the PRS Guitars range, which includes both solid body and hollow body guitars.

Special for PRS Guitars: More Sustain Thanks to One-Piece-Stoptail

Other special features of some PRS guitars are the One-piece-Stoptail; a bridge which is cast as one piece and should be 100% clean - at least as long as you don't use very different string thicknesses. The use of this stoptail allows much more sustain to be produced than with a tremolo system.

PRS Guitars in Famous Hands

Many renowned guitarists play PRS guitars, including Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro, Brad Delson, Wes Borland, Mark Tremonti and Chad Kroeger. Carlos Santana wanted to offer his fans affordable signature instruments and was able to encourage Paul Reed Smith to build cheaper models. The PRS SE series, made in Korea, was born. PRS guitars from this facility are offered at lower prices.

PRS Guitars for Metal Guitarists in the Heavy Shop

Electric guitars by Paul Reed Smith are also preferred by heavy metal guitarists. For example Mark Tremonti or Mark Holcomb, who play different heavy genres. Their signature models are especially popular in our Heavy Shop. You can buy PRS guitars in MUSIC STORE at reasonable prices.