Helbling Verlag Das KIWI-Liederbuch

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Singing children's songs, songbook, with sheet music, ISBN: 9783862274130.  All product info
Helbling Verlag

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Product information - Helbling Verlag Das KIWI-Liederbuch

80 children and lullabies

Children's songs and lullabies are a successful pedagogical means of training the voice and hearing as well as promoting speech motor skills and vocabulary. In combination with choreographies, they also provide a good amount of movement and social interaction in groups. In addition, they allow for a playful transfer of knowledge, as each children's song deals with a specific topic such as seasons, foreign countries and more.

The KIWI songbook is aimed at children from 0 to 8 years old and contains 80 songs from all over the world. It broadens horizons from a young age, as it also inspires with foreign sounds and languages from 50 countries. The culture and people of other regions of the world are thus made understandable at an early age, for which the medium of music is the ideal learning tool. The songs are notated in the original language and in a singable German version, and they are also to be understood surely. They cover five thematic areas suitable for children with direct reference to everyday life:

  • Nature and the annual clock
  • Travel and food
  • Jumping and swinging
  • Kangaroo and cockatoo
  • Lying and cradling
  • Additionally: songs for greeting and saying goodbye

The content is conveyed in a playful way by a little kiwi that flies around the world and takes children on an exciting journey of discovery. Teachers are supported by info, tip, and play boxes with further information, suggestions for design, and movement ideas.


  • Welcome
    • Jepo, i tai tai/Kiwi hit - We're starting now
  • Nature & the year clock: with songs through the year
    • Nari nari ge nari/Gold lilac - Videvisan
    • Willow catkin - Gong xi
    • Congratulations - Maua mazuri
    • Come to the garden - Tik tik tik
    • The time has come - Blackbird children - Fil ghabatil baida
    • From the far away forest - Olélé - Takibi
    • By the fire - Drăgaică
    • Come, children - Listopad
    • Leaves are falling - Tzadik katamar
    • It's raining - Neige, neige blanche
    • See the flakes - Tomtarnas julnatt
    • Gnome night - Hull a hó
    • Snow falls
  • Travel & Food: Songs about other countries and special dishes
    • Baburi rajeh
    • My ship - The wheels or the bus
    • The wheels from the bus - Samba Lelê - El trencito
    • Little train - In praise of the potato - Here is the sea
    • Here is the sea - Arroz con leche
    • Rice pudding - J'aime la galette
    • I like cake - Come si pianta la bella polenta
    • Delicious corn - L'abe igi orombo
    • Under the orange tree
  • Jumping & Swinging: Songs to dance and move with
    • Butterfly, you little thing - Kagome kagome - Jean Petit qui danse
    • Jean Petit who danced - Dwa malutkie misie
    • Two very little bears - Sampung mga daliri
    • I look at my fingers - Gululi ya nas
    • Tell me, you people - Klap eens in je handjes
    • Clap your hands - Anna kafu
    • Anna, don't cry - Ajde Jano
    • We dance kolo - Don daya
    • Hey, you there - Choshhalo shado chandanam
    • I am happy - Waladi, waladi - Indo eu
    • Are you alone today - Naana maara haath
    • My little hands - El chiriguare - Fatou yo
    • Come dance with me - Piiri pieni pyörii
    • Turn quickly in circles
  • Kangaroo & Cockatoo: Songs about big and small animals
    • The sun bugs - Kangaroo, skippyroo
    • Kangaroo, kangaroo - Ha sisan
    • The chicks - Mon âne
    • My donkey - Karga
    • The raven - Mon petit lapin
    • Our little rabbit - To kokoraki
    • The little rooster - I went to visit a farm one day
    • I went to visit a farm - Pienet sammakot
    • Little frog - Petit escargot
    • Little snail - Mabata madogo madogo
    • The many little ducks - Kusnetschik
    • The grasshopper - Para dormir a and elefante
    • Sing along for the elephant - Mängmum
    • The shock mount - Yao la qu
    • The magpie goes to a party - Kookaburra
    • The cockatoo
  • Lying & Lulling - songs for falling asleep and dreaming
    • The little flowers are sleeping - Dormi bambino
    • Sleep, child - Ahella chusch hettas
    • Go to sleep, dear child - Ninni ja mummu
    • Heiapopeia - Iavnana
    • My rose - Dors, dors, p'tit bébé
    • Go to sleep now - Spavaj dušo moja
    • Sleep, little child - All the pretty little horses
    • All the pretty little horses - Bí, bí or blaka
    • White swans - Lorî, lorî
    • In my arms - Ee buuvein
    • High in the air - Aroosak joon
    • Sleep, my dear little child - I ghöre äs Glöggli - Baju bajuschki baju - Nana nenê
    • The sandman - Čiūčia liūlia dukrytėla
    • Silence, little daughter - Dandini, dandini, dastana - Dodo, ti pitite Maman
    • Bedtime - Nanni, nanni
    • Look, the stars
  • Farewell
    • Hejdå, adios
Helbling Verlag Das KIWI-Liederbuch Product ImageHelbling Verlag Das KIWI-Liederbuch
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£ 22.90

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