Imageline FL Studio 20 All Plugins Edition (License Code)

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Product information - Image Line FL Studio 20 All Plugins Edition (LicenseCode)

DAW software for PC & Mac including all FL Studio plugins!

Image Line celebrates with Fruity Loops (All Plugins Edition) its 20th anniversary and presents therefore not as assumed a 13th version, but the round 20, which is equipped with first-class samples, high-quality synths, powerful drums and many other features for every music style. Especially with this version you get ALL FL Studio plugin and thus access to an enormous range of audio tools for productions of all kinds. Fat ElectroBeats, hot grooves and sophisticated Loops are produced club-ready on your own audio computer in no time at all, but special features this time include Time Signatures, In-situ rendering, Playlist Arrangements and Plugin Delay Compensation - all new features that greatly improve your workflow. Fruity Loops is becoming more and more popular and is the producing and mixing software for beat-oriented work - but this should not exclude other genres! After 20 years of innovative development, Fruity Loops has matured into a full-fledged music studio and is finding more and more friends, especially among young music creators.

Mac Version - Finally!

Mac User will be happy to hear that FL Studio is now available for macOS 10.11 systems (and higher). The native 64 bit software supports Mac VST and AU plugins and naturally also allows third-party plugins. Projects created on Mac or PC can be easily opened on the other operating system, while existing, Liftemie Free Update and new customers can unlock FL Studio for Mac and Windows at no additional cost.

Time Signatuers

FL Studio now supports time signatures, i.e. unlimited changes in time signature - no matter if in the playlist or the patterns (piano roll).

In-Situ Rendering

Every producer/musician/composer knows the following problem: As soon as the project gets bigger, the computer slows down, stutters or even crackles and the creative flow is lost - i.e. you can't work like that. In-Situ Rendering - also called "Freezing" - allows you to quickly bounce selected audio and pattern clips to audio files. CPU hungry VSTs/effects are deactivated while their "recorded" signal can still be heard. The computer can thus be relieved considerably and its energy can be distributed to other tasks. And if you decide to change the rendered MIDI clips, just press a button to cancel the freezing.

Playlist Arrangements

The Playlist now allows you to use multiple "Arrangements" to create different versions of the project and avoid the chaos of too many new edits within a window - it's a parallel version that allows you to compare, change and improve without affecting the core idea or the main project.

Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC)

PDC and Automatic PDF have been redesigned from the ground up to meet the demands of today's more complex music production. The manual and automatic PDC offer the following applications: Mixer Send Compensation, Wet/Dry Mixer FX Compensation, Audio Input Compensation and Metronome Compensation. In addition, custom plug-in wrapper values are stored per plug-in, while a general improvement is noticeable in the mixer's plug-in Delay compensation controls.

And naturally, among other smaller innovations, the classic features that make Fruity Loops what it is today should not be missing...

Image Line FL Studio 20 All Plugin Edition

  • comprehensive DAW for Mac & PC including ALL FL Studio plugins
  • Note: This product is delivered as download code. No box, no disc or similar. Please check registration, download and compatibility with your system BEFORE purchasing. Software is not returnable


  • 3 Audio Editors
  • 104 Instruments & Effects
  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Clips
  • Playlist features
  • Effects
  • MIDI support and scripting
  • incl. samples, loops, presets
  • lifetime free updates

audio editors

  • Edison
  • Newtone
  • Newtime


  • Contorl Surface
  • Distructor
  • Effector
  • EQUO
  • Frequency Shifter
  • Frequency Splitter
  • Fruity 7 Band EQ
  • Fruity Balance
  • Fruity Bass Boost
  • Fruity Blood Overdrive
  • Fruity Center
  • Fruity Chorus
  • Fruity Compressor
  • Fruity Convolver
  • Fruity Delay
  • Fruity Delay 2
  • Fruity Delay 3
  • Fruity Delay Bank
  • Fruity Fast Distortion
  • Fruity Fast LP
  • Fruity Filter
  • Fruity Flanger
  • Fruity Formula Controller
  • Fruity Free Filter
  • Fruity HTML NoteBook
  • Fruity Limiter
  • Fruity Love Philter
  • Fruity LSD
  • Fruity Multiband Compressor
  • Fruity Mute 2
  • Fruity noteBook 2
  • Fruity PanOMatic
  • Fruity Parametric EQ
  • Fruity Parametric EQ2
  • Fruity Phase Inverter
  • Fruity Phaser
  • Fruity Reverb
  • Fruity Reeverb 2
  • Fruity Scratcher
  • Fruity Send
  • Fruity Soft Clipper
  • Fruity Squeeze
  • Fruity Stereo Enhancer
  • Fruity Stereo Shaper
  • Fruity Vocoder
  • Fruity WaveShaper
  • Fruity X-Y Controller
  • Fruity X-Y-Z Controller
  • Big Beat
  • Hardcore
  • Maximus Multiband Maximizer
  • Patcher
  • Peak Controller
  • Pitcher
  • Razer Chroma
  • Soundgoodizer
  • Transient Processor
  • Tuner
  • VFX Color Mapper
  • VFX Keyboard Splitter
  • VFX Note Mapper
  • Vocodex


  • 3x OSC
  • Autogun
  • BassDrum
  • BeepMap
  • BooBass
  • Channel Sampler
  • DirectWave Full
  • DirectWave Player
  • Drumaxx
  • Drumpad
  • FLEX
  • Fruity DrumSynth Live
  • Fruity DX10
  • Fruity Granulator
  • Fruity Kick
  • Fruity Pad Controller
  • Fruity Slicer
  • Groove machine Synth
  • Harmless
  • Harmor
  • MiniSynth
  • Morphine
  • Ogun
  • Plucked!
  • Poizone
  • Sakura
  • Sawer
  • SimSynth Live
  • Slicex
  • Speech Synthesizer
  • Sytrus
  • Toxic Biohazard
  • Transistor Bass
  • Wave Traveller

Video & Visual

  • Fruity Big clock
  • Fruity dB Meter
  • Fruity Spectroman
  • Fruity Video Player
  • Video Visualizer
  • Wave Candy


  • Manufacturer: Image Line
  • Software type: DAW
  • Version: Full version
  • Plattform: Mac/PC
  • Boxed: No
  • Cloud Collaboration: No
  • Remote Controllable: No
  • Licensing type: Internet
  • Video: Yes
  • Music Printing: No
Imageline FL Studio 20 All Plugins Edition (License Code) Product ImageImageline FL Studio 20 All Plugins Edition (License Code)
£ 436.00

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