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Acoustic Pianos & Grand Pianos

Bösendorfer Grand Model 185 Black polished
Sound aesthetics without compromise
£ 78,002.00   To Product
Yamaha U1 SH2 PE
Silent-System, black polished

Playing the piano is fun!

No matter whether you choose a piano, a hybrid piano or a grand piano; whether you choose a new or used instrument: Playing the piano is always in! Since we have all the major manufacturers and a large selection of new and used instruments in stock, you will certainly find "your" piano in our shop. Here is a small "guide" for the different categories:


Here you will find all "upright" and acoustic pianos of the brands Schimmel, Kawai, Yamaha and Bösendorfer in various sizes, colours and shapes.

Silent Pianos

Here you can also find acoustic pianos; however, those that are additionally equipped with a Silent System, so you can either play them "normally" or mute them, for quiet practice with your headphones.

Hybrid Pianos

Here you can find very sophisticated digital pianos with digital sound generation, yet a re equipped with a real piano or grand piano mechanism.
Naturally, the grand piano and other sounds of these hybrid instruments are also of the highest quality.

Grand Pianos

Under the heading grand pianos you can find all grand pianos; from the small 150cm grand piano, which fits into every living room, to the large, almost 3 meter long concert instrument.

Used Pianos/Grand Pianos

Here you will find interesting "used" instruments, which of course are either hardly played and therefore in good condition, or those which have been thoroughly overhauled. Choosing a used piano from us does not represent any risk, in contrast to the "private" market, as it includes a three-year guarantee, delivery to the place of installation and a tuning after approx. 6 weeks.