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Koma Electronic Field Kit is an effects unit controlled by control voltages. The Field Kit FX consists of seven separate fun...  All product info

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Product information - Coma Electronics Field Kit FX

Electroacoustic workstation

Koma Electronic Field Kit is an effects unit controlled by control voltages. The Field Kit FX consists of seven separate function blocks that focus on editing and modifying incoming audio and CV signals. They are designed to work together as a coherent complement to the Coma Electronics Field Kit electro-acoustic workstation or alternatively together with other electronic musical instruments with the ability to use control voltage signals. Field Kit FX offers functions like a 4 channel VCA mixer, Looper with Sample Rate Reducer / Bitcrusher, Frequency Shifter, Digital Delay, Analog Spring Reverb (tank not included), 4 Step Mini Sequencer and an Envelope Generator. In addition, there is the new 4-channel CV interface, with which four CV signals can be routed throughout the device. This gives you incredible control over sound and timbre and is a great addition to mobile performance rigs.

4-channel VCA mixer

In the 4-channel VCA mixer, all signals of the Field Kit FX converge and can be individually controlled in volume and sound. CV control via the VCA allows you to use modular synthesizers, the CV outputs of a field kit or any other device to optimize the audio levels of the signals coming from or fed into the effects, the level of the master output can be adjusted with the Master Volume knob and the CV select buttons to direct the signals of the CV interface to the separate channels. Similar to the mixer in the Field Kit, there is enough gain to play and the Tone knob is a Low / Hi Pass filter that can drastically change the sound.


The Looper of the Field Kit FX can record sound material with a length of up to 3 seconds and you can record overdubs without restrictions. To change loops with effects, use the SRR knob to reduce the sample rate, and the Crush knob to crush the signal using bit crushers. The effects of the effects become even more interesting if you modulate both controllers with control voltages. This way you can create complex loops that change their timbre, creating interesting soundscapes and impressive rhythms. The Sample Rate Reduce and Bitcrusher functions can also be used without loops.

frequency shifter

The Frequency Shifter shifts all audio frequencies by a certain frequency amount and not over a musical interval like a pitch shifter. Technically, it modulates audio signals to a high frequency carrier wave while filtering and demodulating a sideband using a slightly different frequency. Small frequency shifts can lead to profound phase effects. Larger shifts make it possible to immerse oneself in an interesting world of sound in which, for example, frequency differences associated with a note produce strange harmonic structures that produce the strangest musical dissonance when the note changes.

Digital Delay

The Digital Delay of the Field Kit FX is a modification of the coma electronics PT2399 delay circuit. As with any delay, the FX Delay Field Kit has both delay and feedback controls, both of which can be controlled by control voltages. A Gain In knob has also been added to manually route the signal into the delay path, which is helpful as this effect can easily pass into overdrive. The Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX Pack comes with a stereo to mono adapter cable, with which you can lead audio signals out of the feedback loop and modulate them through other effects. This results in further interesting modulation possibilities.

Spring Reverb

The Spring Reverb section in the Field Kit FX is a variation of the classic Spring Reverb circuit. A switchable resonance lowpass and bandpass filter in the audio path and a special cutoff knob have been added to shape the input signal. In addition, the developers have added a variable gain to give you maximum control over what is sent into the effect. The Spring Reverb also has CV control over cutoff frequency and feedback. Attention: The Field Kit FX does not include a Spring Reverb Tank. The section can be used either with the tank of the Field Kit FX Pack or with any other tank.

4 Step Mini Sequencer and Envelope Generator

These two functions are based on the same CV generator: the Roll-O-Decks. This can control all CV inputs of the Field Kit FX
.4 Step Mini Sequencer: Passes the CV signals from one of the inputs of the CV interface to the threshold knob on the Roll-O deck and uses incoming signals to trigger the various steps
As soon as no voltage is applied to the input, the threshold control acts like a clock source and shifts the mini sequencer with each pulse.envelope generator: Just like the mini sequencer, the envelope generator generates CV signals for use with effects.

With the four knobs the attack, decay, sustain and release phases of the envelope can be adjusted.

If no CV is routed to the threshold potentiometer, it is repeatedly triggered at the speed set by the threshold knob.

When a CV signal is routed to the threshold, it compares this incoming signal with the threshold and only triggers when the CV signal passes over it.

Koma Electronics Field Kit FX at a glance:

  • CV-controlled effects unit
  • Seven separate function blocks
  • Eight functions
  • 4 Channel VCA Mixer
  • Looper with Sample Rate Reducer / Bitcrusher
  • frequency shifter
  • Digital Delay
  • Analog Spring Reverb
  • 4 Step Mini Sequencer and Envelope Generator

Coma Electronics Field Kit FX Demo


  • Manufacturer: Koma Elektronik
  • TE / HP: 36
  • + 12 V (mA): 240
  • - 12 V (mA): 170
  • Interface function: Audio
Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX Product ImageKoma Elektronik Field Kit FX
£ 235.00
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