Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle

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It Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle is a complete laser show and multimedia software. It consists of the progr...  All product info

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Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle

It Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle is a complete laser show and multimedia software. It consists of the program parts Live, RealTime, PicEdit, Tracer and SVG Converter.

Lasershow very simple

No matter if you need a professional music synchronous Timeline laser show or if you want to operate it Laser live, e.g. to a DJ set - it Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle contains all necessary functions to create breathtaking laser shows.

Showcontroller Live

Showcontroller Live enables the direct live control of lasers. A large number of ready-made frames and animations are already included. These can also be extended very easily with your own graphics, logos or texts. Many effects can also be directly changed during live laser control, such as colors, speed, rotation, size, etc... In addition, show controllers can be controlled remotely, e.g. via MIDI controller or DMX, which provides enormous additional flexibility in control.

main functions

  • live laser control
  • Timeline -based laser show programming
  • 250+ free shows available
  • Drag-and-drop operation, intuitive interface
  • Logo and graphic import
  • MIDI and DMX support
  • Realizzer 3D Interface (Showeditor PLUS)
  • Video support (Showeditor PLUS)
  • Up to 20 ShowNet LAN output interfaces are supported

Reliable: No forced updates

Privacy: No forced registration for software updates

Compatible: ILDA System Standard Compatible

New features and improvements are published regularly, but it is up to the user to decide when and whether to update. The user can decide for himself when he wants to try out new functions.

Showcontroller LIVE

Showcontroller LIVE is the part of the Showcontroller Suite that was specially designed for the live control of lasers. Whether to accompany a live DJ set, to Laser play at a festival or to support live music or art performances - Showcontroller LIVE is the software for any kind of laser show performance that cannot be pre-programmed or has no underlying time base.

Showcontroller LIVE is an extremely powerful tool: 40 scenes can be pre-programmed per bank, on 10 banks. In addition, Showcontroller LIVE already comes with a large collection of ready-made scenes. With this it is possible to start immediately with a live laser show.

1. connect and Laser connect the hardware interface

2. open Showcontroller LIVE

3. click on START and select scene

Showcontroller RealTime

Showcontroller RealTime is used to create time axis based laser shows. Laser -Figures and animations can be placed on the timeline and synchronized to music. A variety of customizable effects can then be assigned to these frames. It is also possible to program several tracks in parallel.

Showcontroller RealTime has all the functions needed for professional laser show programming. The main window shows the timeline on which all programming elements can be assigned to a general time base, e.g. an audio file or a simple time lapse.

The preview window allows the real-time live preview of the programmed elements. But laser output can also take place in real time.

Due to the flexible licensing solution via license dongle it is possible to program RealTime in Showcontroller without having to connect a hardware output card. This simplifies the pre-production process considerably and also enables programming in the aircraft, for example.

The Showcontroller RealTime Lasershow Timeline was designed for intuitive operation - even beginners can quickly and easily create their first own laser shows. Drag-and-drop programming is one of the core functions of the RealTime timeline. The versatile possibilities to work with effects make Showcontroller the right solution for every kind of laser show design.

Showcontroller PicEdit

Showcontroller PicEdit is the program part which is used for the creation of 2D and 3D laser graphics. PicEdit is a very powerful tool to create not only vector based laser graphics, but also animations.

PicEdit works closely together with the other program parts of the Showcontroller Laser Software Suite, like the Showcontroller Tracer or the Showcontroller SVG Tool: Import your own logos in JPG format or static or animated vector files from Blender (or other 3D programs using Blender).

show controller Tracer

The Showcontroller Tracer program part was developed especially for vector-based tracing of pixel images, such as JPG files, to make them usable for the use with lasers. Simply select an image, e.g. a logo, and have it converted. Various optimization options are available to optimize the quality of the vector file after tracing and to achieve the best possible laser reproduction.

Showcontroller SVG Tool

With the Showcontroller SVG Tool it is possible to convert frames and animations from the SVG format into a Laser vector format. SVG files can be files from the free 3D animation software Blender (or from other 3D programs with a conversion to Blender) or simply SVG files from standard vector-based software such as Adobe Illustrator.

It Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle is offered with two different licenses:

First show controller:

Supports up to 3 Laserworld ShowNet hardware interfaces (DAC)

2nd Showcontroller PLUS:

Supports more than 3 hardware interfaces (DAC), different hardware interfaces are supported:

  • ShowNet
  • netlase
  • Netlase LC
  • Easylase II
  • Easylase LC
  • Phoenix Micro USB V1

This covers the complete range from simple USB to high-end LAN interfaces. All interfaces support DMX in/out.

Showcontroller PLUS has a larger preview window in LIVE in which the output can all Scanner be displayed.

Showcontroller PLUS also supports the 3D visualization software REALIZZER and the use of video events.

Hardware requirements for Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle

Minimum hardware requirements for the operation of the Showcontroller Lasershow Software:

  • Dual Core PC
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 operating system, 32bit or 64bit
  • min. 4 GB RAM
  • OpenGL capable graphics card

If the video event is to be used (Showcontroller PLUS only), a graphics card on gaming level is recommended, e.g. GeForce 960 or higher (or similar).


  • Manufacturer: Laserworld
Laserworld Showcontroller license dongle Product ImageLaserworld Showcontroller license dongle
£ 251.00

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