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Marian Seraph D4 MWX Retail 4 Channel I/O AES/EBU PCIe

Item: PCM0015589-000
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The Seraph D4 MWX from Marian is a sound card for professional recordings with 4 AES/EBU inputs/outputs as well as 2 MIDI ...  All product info

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Recording sound card with 4 AES/EBU inputs/outputs and WordClock I/O

The Seraph D4 MWX from Marian is a sound card for professional recordings with 4 AES/EBU inputs/outputs as well as 2 MIDI and one WordClock input and output. Designed for recording, mixing and signal conversion, the card is aimed at users who want to upgrade their DAW with this unit to a compact but full-fledged digital mixer while expecting high signal quality and low latencies. The Seraph D4 series is a cheaper version of the Seraph D8. Although it offers only four AES/EBU interfaces instead of eight, it is equipped with the same features. Thanks to the TDM SyncBus, the card can be expanded with three further identical interfaces. In addition, the WordClock input allows precise synchronization with other devices. This special MWX version of the Seraph D4 also complements a WordClock output, with which the interface can also serve as a clock generator for other devices. Two MIDI inputs/outputs were also installed.

Finest sound processing

With the less expensive Seraph D4 MWX, you don't compromise on quality compared to its big sister, the D8. In the D4 MWX, high-quality sample rate converters have been integrated into the circuit so that a dynamic range of 140dB is achieved at every point of the signal, up to sample rates of 192kHz. The sample resolution of 24bit also meets high quality requirements.

In the heart a BEAST

The digital signal processor on which the sound system is based rightly bears the sonorous name "BEAST". With 48 channels, seven mixer sums and 192 fully parametric IIR filters (four for each channel), it's basically a perfect digital mixer for your DAW, eliminating the need to buy an additional mixer separately. The creation of sub mixes with pre- and post switches is no problem here. The fully parametric EQs can be assigned to individual sub-mixes. So you can easily apply an equalizer to the grand total, but exclude the headphone mix and the like. The fully parametric EQs are based on analog models, so each channel has one low shelf, two peak and one high shelf EQ. The DSP's flexible routing lets you redirect any signal to any output or back to the input, including signals from other application software. In addition, one stereo and three mono aux channels are available - the aux sums can be switched as pre/post and are designed for headphone mixes and effect loading. Various monitor functions complete the digital mixer package for absolutely latency-free mixing.

Not enough? No problem thanks to TDM SyncBus!

Should you miss the variety of interfaces in this four-input/output version, the multi-card capable TDM Syncbus allows you to flexibly expand your system at any time. With the TDM SyncBus pins on top of the sound card, the interface can be extended with three additional SyncBus compatible Marian cards. This not only increases the number of channels and your I/O options. In addition, the cards synchronize with each other via this bus with regard to clock and start/stop signals - via this mode, your D4 can then function as master clock even without word clock output.

Word clock output for even more flexibility

But what if you don't want to do without other devices in your Marian repertoire and still want to decide on the full range of clock circuits? Here you can use the MWX version of the D4, to which the word clock second module is internally connected via an extender cable. This allows you to synchronize the sample rates of other devices with the D4 MWX, either as clock generator (master) or as clock receiver (slave). In this way, devices outside the Marian product range can also be harmonized with the interface. Thanks to the WordClock signals, experimental circuits are also possible, which only work with an independent clock. The clearly arranged clock software allows you to keep track of all clock signals. Sample rates, lock Status and any sync errors can be read out at each clock signal. The second module also contains the MIDI D-Sub interface, which can be used to connect two MIDI inputs/outputs to a MIDI controller of your choice using the supplied adapter cable.

The Multiclient Driver Suite

With the help of the multiclient driver suite from (with Marian software support for ASIO 2 -, GSIF 2 -, WDM with kernel streaming and real, non-emulated DirectSound) the synchronous control of signal processors from different audio applications is no longer a problem. This is ensured by multiple and better managed driver interfaces. Unlike many inferior DSPs, the processor keeps multiple signal access points open, so you can work latency-free and error-free from any software environment at the same time. The user interface is clear and intuitive, so you can set up your sound system effectively and easily. At the latest with the easy-to-read manual, which makes the device accessible and understandable even for laymen, the use of the D4 is no longer a problem. The driver suite also comes with a proven fail-safe technology that automatically resets the firmware to the latest version if an error occurs during driver updates. This makes the maintenance of the software foolproof for every user.

Highest manufacturing quality

With the German manufacturer Marian , you not only support the offices of the Leipzig IT engineers - the production of the modules also takes place in German plants. This ensures continuous product control with low error tolerances. Marian Therefore, 5 years warranty is promised for their products.

Marian Seraph D4 MWX Overview

- 4 AES/EBU inputs/outputs (Sub-D)
- 1 wordclock/superclock input & output -
2 MIDI inputs/outputs (D-Sub & adapter cable) - BEAST
with latency-free DSP 48 channel mixer, 52bit calculation depth, 192 EQs and extensive mix, monitor and routing options.
- 140 dB dynamic
range - sampling rates: 22 to 192kHz; sample resolution 24bit
- sample rate converter at each input
- multicard
support - TDM SyncBus
compatible - driver support: MME, ASIO 2.2, GSIF 2.0, WDM Audio, Direct-Sound and MME, Core Audio (Mac OS X)

Scope of delivery

- Marian Seraph D4 MWX PCIe plug-in card
- 1 x connection cable with 4 digital inputs/outputs
each - MWX Extender module (for MIDI and WordClock) and connection
cable - Adapter cable for MIDI inputs/outputs (via D-Sub)
- Driver CD
- Manual & -Guide Quickstart


operating system:

- Windows™ 64 Bit: Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows™ Server 2003/2008/2008.R2/2012,
- Windows™ 32 Bit: Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows™ Server 2003/2008
- Apple Mac OS X (10.4 - 10.7)


- Free PCIe slot (PCIe 1x) and an additional free slot bracket (no additional PCIe slot required)
- Intel or AMD processor with 2.0 GHz; 512MB RAM (depending on audio application higher hardware may be required)

Scope of Delivery:

  • Software: Yes


  • Manufacturer: Marian
  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Phantom Power: No
  • ADAT: No
  • S/PDIF: No
  • AES/EBU: Yes
  • MADI: No
  • Wordclock: Yes
  • Bit Resolution: 24 Bit
  • sampling rate (kHz): 192
  • Latency Free Monitoring: Yes
  • DSP Mixer: Yes
  • Bus Powered: No
Marian Seraph D4 MWX Retail 4 Channel I/O AES/EBU PCIe Product ImageMarian Seraph D4 MWX Retail 4 Channel I/O AES/EBU PCIe
£ 466.00

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