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Marian Seraph M2-F MWX Retail 2 Channel MADI optical I/O

Item: PCM0015597-000
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The Marian Seraph M2 F MWX is a professional PCIe audio interface with 2 optical MADI inputs/outputs and WordClock connecto...  All product info

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Professional audio interface with 2 optical MADI and WordClock inputs/outputs

The Marian Seraph M2 F MWX is a professional PCIe audio interface with 2 optical MADI inputs/outputs and WordClock connectors. This PCIe card is particularly suitable for professional use in recording studios and DAWs where the number of signal channels can quickly exceed several dozen and where an independent clock is important. With this module up to 256 channels on each card are possible, whereby the F version has two optical SC connectors. If this is not yet sufficient, the M2 can also be used with other MultiCard Marian cards. A resolution of 24 bit and a sampling rate of up to 384kHz are possible. The MWX version of the M2 is distinguished by an additional WordClock clock connector, with which sample rates can be synchronized. The Multi-Client Driver Suite guarantees shortest access times in different software environments.

Endless channel diversity thanks to MADI

The M2-F version differs from the Seraph M2 product line in optical SC-MADI connectors instead of coaxial BNCs for better signal quality and narrower cables. Thanks to the two optical (SC) MADI interfaces, up to 64 channels per cable and thus up to 256 channels (64 inputs and 64 outputs per MADI connector) are possible on each card, depending on the sample rate. Using a digital signal processor, the M2 offers numerous routing options for each channel individually, such as choosing between the processed playback signal from the computer, or a latency-free copy of the signal, as well as volume adjustment for each channel. The clearly arranged software helps to set the channels.

Up to three additional cards can be added via TDM SyncBus

Are the 256 channels per card not enough for you or do you need support for additional DSPs due to high sample rates? The Seraph M2 series can be connected via the TDM SyncBus on the top side of the module with up to three further cards of the same Marian type or with other Marian sound systems with the help of adapter cable knobs and thus results in an enormous signal variety. In this way, sample rates of connected devices can also be synchronized via the SyncBus. Start and stop signals can also be exchanged via this channel.

Exclusive in the MWX version: Perfectly synchronous sample rates thanks to WordClock

The coaxial BNC WordClock / Superclock interfaces included exclusively in the MWX version allow you to synchronize the sample rates of other devices with the Seraph M2 F MWX, whereby these can function either as clock generator (master) or clock receiver (slave). In this way, devices outside the Marian product range can also be brought into line with the interface. However, the WordClock signals can also be used for failed circuits that require an independent clock of the MADI signals. With the included software you keep track of all clock signals, where you can read out sample rates, lock Status and sync errors. The word clock / superclock module is internally connected to the PCIe card via an extender cable and requires space for an additional slot bracket, but no additional PCI interface on the motherboard. The additional MIDI Sub-D interface is also located on this second module.

Shortest waiting times with the Multi-Client Driver Suite

The driver software of the Seraph M2 series with ASIO 2.2, WDM and WASAPI ensures very short latency times, no matter in which software the interface is integrated. Many similar interfaces often cause problems when different audio applications access the DSP card at the same time, but thanks to multiple driver interfaces you are not exposed to additional waiting times. A comprehensibly written product manual and well-structured user interfaces of the software additionally ensure frustration-free usability. In the event of faulty service updates, the driver software also features fail-safe technology that automatically resets the firmware to the latest functional state.

Highest manufacturing quality

With the German manufacturer Marian not only the product design is in local hands, also the production of the module was not outsourced to Asia, but takes place in Germany. This ensures continuous product control and only small margins of error are accepted. Their products are Marian therefore guaranteed for 5 years.

Marian Seraph M2 F MWX Overview

- 2 optical MADI inputs (SC)
- 2 optical MADI outputs (SC)
- 2x MIDI inputs/outputs (via D-Sub adapter cable or via MADI)
- Sample rates: 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz; sample resolution (physical): 24 bit
- 256 channels at 48 kHz; 128 channels at 96 kHz; 64 channels at 192 kHz; 32 channels at 384 kHz
- WordClock / Superclock input & output -
clock synchronization in slave mode (evaluation of an external clock from MADI1, MADI2, WordClock or SyncBus inputs)
- Clock synchronization in master mode (output signal of the internal clock on the MADI outputs, SyncBus or the WordClock output )
- Fail-Safe firmware update technology (automatic firmware recovery in case of failure)
- Multi-Card support
- ASIO 32bit float hardware support
- S/MUX compatible
- MARIAN SyncBus compatible

Scope of delivery

- Marian Seraph M2 F MWX PCIe
plug-in card - MIDI / WordClock extender module with connection cable
- Adapter cable for MIDI inputs/outputs
- CD with driver
software - Quickstart guide (complete manual as PDF on the manufacturer's website)


operating system:

- Windows™ 64 Bit: Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows™ Server 2003/2008/2008.R2/2012,
- Windows™ 32 Bit: Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows™ Server 2003/2008
- Apple Mac OS X (10.4 - 10.7)


- Free PCIe slot (PCIe 1x) & second, free slot bracket for MIDI/WordClock module (no second PCIe slot required) -
- Intel or AMD processor with 2.0 GHz; 512MB RAM (depending on audio application higher hardware may be required)

Scope of Delivery:

  • Software: Yes


  • Manufacturer: Marian
  • Number of Channels: 256
  • Phantom Power: No
  • ADAT: No
  • S/PDIF: No
  • AES/EBU: No
  • MADI: Yes
  • Wordclock: Yes
  • Bit Resolution: 24 Bit
  • sampling rate (kHz): 384
  • Latency Free Monitoring: Yes
  • Bus Powered: No
Marian Seraph M2-F MWX Retail 2 Channel MADI optical I/O Product ImageMarian Seraph M2-F MWX Retail 2 Channel MADI optical I/O
£ 848.00

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