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PLAYdifferently MODEL1

Item: DJE0006406-000
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Highly professional 6-channel performance mixer, 100% analog, send & return, high & low pass filter, semi-parametric EQs, drive...  All product info

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Product information - PLAYdifferently – MODEL1

Highly professional 6-channel performance mixer (100% analog)

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1

The PLAYdifferently - MODEL1 is a 100% analog, highly professional 6-channel performance mixer developed by Andy Rigby-Jones in collaboration with Richie Hawtin. This high-quality professional mixer is characterized by uncompromising manufacturing quality, intuitive tactile operation and a wonderfully warm sounding analog signal processing.

The MODEL1 has six fully equipped input channels plus two stereo returns, unique for a device of this compact format. In addition, it has many features that no comparable product currently has to offer, such as drive controls for the input preamps, hybrid filter/EQ (semi-parametric, bell filter), mixer link system for two mixers and fully balanced Tascam DB25 connectors.

The Performance Instrument also features an independent booth EQ & 3-band master EQ, two monitoring cues, high-power phono preamps, an independent high and low pass filter in each channel strip, and individually assignable master filters.

The PLAYdifferently - MODEL1 is a pure analog mixer with technical features normally only found on the highest quality studio consoles, including a fully balanced mix bus, zero-crossing detection for unobtrusive filter and master EQ routing, and high-voltage power rails for more headroom.

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Drive

Drive control for input preamps

The PLAYdifferently - MODEL1 provides a dedicated drive control for each of the six channels. This unique feature allows you to adjust the level so that the channel preamp clips the input signal, creating harmonic distortion as a creative effect.

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Sculpt

Sculpt: Semi-parametric EQs for precise sound shaping

SCULPT is a semi-parametric bell filter and consists of two controllers. FREQ is used to set the center frequency and CUT/BOOST to set the gain or attenuation at that frequency. The level of CUT/BOOST is unbalanced; the maximum boost is limited to +8dB, while the cut is extended to -20dB. Sculpt has a wide Q and a frequency range that covers almost seven octaves.

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Filter

Independent high and low pass filters in each channel strip

Each of the six input channels has an associated control for a high and low pass filter. The filters are designed to add no color to the sound. Perfect for smooth transitions.

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Dual-Cue-System

Two independent cues

The PLAYdifferently - MODEL1 provides two independent cue systems, A and B. Cue A routes to the right headphone monitor and Cue B to the left headphone monitor. The dual cue system makes it much easier for two DJs to perform together at the mixing console in "Back2Back" configurations, as each can select a separate channel to listen to without disturbing the other. This feature also supports the smooth and natural transfer of DJs to each other.

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Send & Return

2 Stereo sends and returns

The two AUX controls send the channel signal to the Aux Mix outputs for use with external effects processors. AUX 1 can be used either pre-fader or post-fader, while AUX 2 is internally set to post-fader.

Each return has a TRIM control to adjust the return signal, input DRIVE circuitry, and CUE routing to Cue A and Cue B. There is also metering for visual feedback of the signal level, a LEVEL knob for adjusting the mix level and a combined low-cut EQ and master filter routing.

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Tascam-Anschlüsse

Fully balanced Tascam DB25 connectors

The PLAYdifferently - MODEL1 is equipped with two fully balanced TASCAM DB25 inputs, which can receive all 8 stereo channels. These provide fast connections to external sound cards and additional flexibility for club installations.

The fully balanced TASCAM DB25 output is used to send Master, Aux 1 & 2 sends and Cue B channels from a single connector, also providing fast connections to external sound cards and additional flexibility for club installations.

Rear / Connections

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1 / Back

PLAYdifferently – MODEL1

  • Highly professional 6-channel performance mixer
  • 100 % analog
  • Fully balanced signal processing in studio quality
  • 6 fully equipped input channels
  • 2 Stereo sends and returns
  • Independent high and low pass filters in each channel strip
  • Individually assignable master filters (low and high resonance filters)
  • 3-band master EQ
  • Sculpt: Semi-parametric EQs for precise sound shaping
  • Drive controller for input preamps
  • Two independent cues
  • Mixer link system for two mixers
  • High-performance phono preamplifier
  • Independent Booth-EQ
  • Zero crossing detection for unobtrusive filter and master EQ routing
  • Fully balanced Tascam DB25 connectors
  • High voltage busbars for more headroom
  • Max. output level: +28 dBu


  • Manufacturer: PLAYdifferently
  • Colour: Black
  • Rack Installation Possible: No
  • USB Connection: No
  • Talkover: No
  • Filter: Yes
  • Internal Effects: Nein
  • Number of Phono Inputs: 3
  • Number of Microphone Inputs: 0
  • Number of Inputs: 6
  • Symmetrical Outputs: Yes
  • Integrated Audio Interface: No
  • MIDI compatible: No
  • Software: No
  • Crossfader: No
  • Replaceable Crossfader: No
  • Width (mm): 320
  • Height (mm): 104
  • Depth (mm): 368
  • Weight (kg): 5.4
PLAYdifferently MODEL1 Product ImagePLAYdifferently MODEL1
£ 2,690.00
£ 2,690.00
£ 2,954.00
£ 2,047.00

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