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SPL's Performer m1000 is the big brother of the popular Performer s800 stereo power amplifier and requires significantly few...  All product info

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Product information - SPL Performer m1000 black

mono amplifier

SPL's Performer m1000 is the big brother of the popular Performer s800 stereo power amplifier and requires significantly fewer components than conventional power amplifier concepts. This is due to the design, which is a mono-block with VOLTAiR technology. Only one preamplifier is needed to drive the bipolar power amplifier. The result: the m1000 is fast, direct, highly efficient and also sounds outstanding. With up to 1000W power into 2 Ohm the Performer controls from an analog linear power supply with 1375 VA toroidal transformer.

Less is more

VOLTAiR technology requires only a single driver stage to operate the bi-polar transistor output stage. This saves a complete driver stage, which has a positive effect on audio quality. As mono power amplifier the AMP delivers 1000W into 2 Ohm, 500W into 4 Ohm and 250W into 8Ohm.

toroidal transformer

Equipped with a 1375 VA toroidal transformer, the Performer m1000 offers sound advantages over digital stages and power amplifiers with switching power supplies. SPL always finds that the rounder and more pleasant sound is produced by purely analog power supplies. The power supply is equipped with a capacity of 54400µF for sieving and power storage, but also for the faithful reproduction of pulse peaks. The hum components of the mains transformer are decoupled by a mounting plate with rubber dampers at the bottom of the housing.

protective circuitry

Of course, the protection circuit against DC voltage and the limiter against overdriving of the output are also important. If a DC voltage (DC) is present at the outputs, the output stage switches off automatically. This voltage can be caused by a defect in the output stage or by connected devices. A Protect LED on the front panel lights red to indicate that the protection circuit has been activated and the output stage has been switched off. Only after switching on/off again will the Performer be ready for operation
, and the limiter protects the output from overloads
This LDR limiter (light dependent resistor) works optically and therefore does not influence the audio signal.

Here, too, a Protect LED has been installed on the front, but it lights up yellow when the limiter responds.

Custom Mundorf coil

To prevent the power amplifier from oscillating through rare loudspeaker constellations, a 3.8µH high-end Mundorf coil was used. This coil allows almost all loudspeakers with an impedance of 2 ohms or higher to be connected.

Processor-controlled cooling

Heat dissipation is an important aspect, which is why high-quality components and effective cooling were also used here. The processor-controlled fan only starts when the temperature at the heat sink exceeds 50°C and is controlled depending on the temperature.
In the unlikely event that the heat cannot be dissipated through the fan, the output stage switches off at 85°C at the heat sink
The TEMP LED on the front panel starts and signals to the user that the power amplifier will not start again until the temperature has fallen below 55°C.

Inputs & Outputs

The Performer m 1000 is equipped with Neutrik XLR input and output connectors for balanced connections. For bi-wiring operation, for example, the input is passively forwarded to the output
, which can also be lowered from 0dB to -5.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps using a trim switch
This allows an optimal acoustic stereo sweet spot to be achieved in acoustically suboptimal rooms or loudspeaker arrangements, but also to be adapted to different efficient loudspeakers in bi-wiring mode.

These can accept banana plugs as well as one strand with up to 4mm diameter.

Amp Control

With the Performer m1000, the output stage can be started simultaneously with a preamp thanks to the 3.5mm mono jack socket (AMP CTL). As soon as the devices are connected, the output stage is automatically switched on when the preamplifier is switched on. In SPL's Pro-Fi series, the Director, Phonitor x and Crossover have such a connector.

SPL Performer m1000 Overview

  • Mono Power Amplifier
  • concise
  • fewer components
  • built-in 1375 VA toroidal transformer
  • pleasant sound
  • Protection circuit and limiter
  • incl. customer-specific Mundorf coil
  • Processor-controlled cooling
  • Neutrik XLR input and output connectors
  • Amp Control
  • Colour: black

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