Schott Music Boogie & Blues Piano

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Learn to play the piano, intermediate piano sheet music, textbook, with download, ISBN: 9783795785031.  All product info

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Product information - Schott Music Boogie & Blues Piano

Systematic method for learning licks, accompaniment patterns and improvisation

Boogie and blues music represents a popular direction among pianists. With this solo piano playing you get to show what you can do on the piano and really let off steam creatively.

If you want to learn to spread a good mood in private or at parties by playing music yourself, Schott Music Boogie & Blues Piano is a good choice. In order for this to succeed and for you to internalize the style, a systematic and detailed teaching method is necessary. This edition is aimed at learners with previous knowledge and cleverly teaches how to play boogie and blues. This is done by means of methodical and easily structured lessons. The lessons always consist of a text part and a piece of music, whereby what is read is immediately put into practice and consolidated.


  • Preface
  • Aim of the school, history of blues and boogie
  • The blue notes, the 12-bar-scheme
  • Improvisation, characteristics of boogie-woogie
  • Instruction manual
  • Boogie 1a: Start It Up
  • Boogie 1b: The Beat Goes On
  • Boogie 2a: Expansion of the melody: change of thirds
  • Boogie 2b: Expansion of the melody: Syncopation of thirds
  • Improvisation experiments, drone note hammering
  • Boogie 3a: The blues scale
  • Boogie 3b: The 1st Blue Note -Boogie 4a: Double Grooves Better
  • Boogie 4b: Pattern compression
  • Variations of the two-hand accompaniment
  • Chord blues: seventh chords, extended blues scale
  • Boogie 5a: Courage to leave gaps
  • Boogie 5b: Gapless
  • Boogie 6a: Thirds theme and scale loops
  • Boogie 6b: Three triplet eighths in the melody
  • Hobby Boogie: A new hobby
  • Extension: The boogie chain
  • Boogie 7a: Slipping danger
  • Boogie 7b: The 2nd blue note as a triplet lick
  • Improvisation in C minor
  • Striding The Blues: Improvisation in C minor
  • Boogie 8a: Moving to the 2nd floor
  • Boogie 8b: 2 becomes 1
  • Blues Ballad in A minor
  • Blue Ballad: Improvisation in A minor
  • Boogie 9a: Family reunion
  • Boogie 9b: Feast for the ears
  • Chained up
  • Teamplay
  • Teamplay Voices: Brass and guitar
  • Bass and Drums
  • Intermediate licks, tricks to the blues scale
  • Variation of basic licks, runs of thirds
  • Real handwork
  • Boogie 10a: The boogie for your own solos
  • Transposing licks
  • Boogie 10b: Transposing
  • Boogie 11a: Blues drone ladder
  • Boogie 11b: A new accompaniment pattern
  • Explanation of the Boogie Accompaniment Pattern System I
  • Boogie accompaniment pattern I: Music examples
  • Boogie 11c: Accompaniment pattern meets boogie
  • Boogie 12a: The preparation boogie
  • Boogie 12b: Crushed notes: The fine print of the contract
  • Boogie 12c: Crushed notes (continued)
  • Listening Boogies 1-3: Listening and playing
  • Boogie 13a: Lick preparation in two halves
  • Boogie 13b: Lick preparation
  • Lick variations
  • Boogie 13: Tight pack
  • Boogie Chain III
  • Walking Around: Walking bass pattern
  • Variations of the Blues Scheme
  • I'm Walking in G
  • Walking Bass Examples
  • G-Walk: Blues and Jazz Comping
  • I'm Trillering: Trill exercises
  • Walking bass variations, counter G-line
  • Boogie 14a: Premiere
  • The sixths connection
  • Boogie 14b: Chop the walk
  • Of ornaments and other beautiful things
  • Boogie 14c: Boogie All Inclusive
  • Boogie 15a: Stretching
  • Cluster Impressions
  • Boogie 15b: The Amen Formula
  • The Amen Formula: Variations
  • Boogie 15c: Lick roll
  • Lick detail questions
  • Boogie chain IV, lick transfer
  • Lick transfer from C to G and back
  • Explanation of the accompaniment pattern system II
  • Boogie-Begeltipattern II: note examples
  • Training Boogie: Pattern Training
  • Lady In Blue: Practice boogie to Lady Be Good
  • Explanation of Lady Be Good
  • Sheet music examples for Lady Be Good
  • Lady Be Good: The Gershwin classic in boogie garb
  • Boogie intros
  • Boogie Endings I and II
  • Index/Small lexicon


  • Manufacturer: Schott Music
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Medium: Textbook
  • Vocals/Speech: German
  • Difficulty: Middle (3)
  • Arrangement: Piano
  • CD: No
  • DVD: No
  • CD-ROM: No
  • Download: Yes
  • Number of Pages: 96
  • Series: Modern Piano Styles
  • Author: Wolfgang Wierzyk
  • Qualities 1: Paperback
  • Publishing Number: ED 21244D
  • ISBN: 978-3-7957-8503-1
  • ISMN: 979-0-001-21360-8
Schott Music Boogie & Blues Piano Product ImageSchott Music Boogie & Blues Piano
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