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Software Boxed-Version

Important facts about Boxed-Versions

Many programs and plug-ins are also available from us as boxed versions. In the classic case, you will be sent a box with the licence code and a USB stick, hard drive or DVD, which you can also install on a computer or Mac without an Internet connection. Especially with large amounts of data, sample libraries from Native, EastWest, Arturia or Spectrasonics such a purchase is a good way to avoid long download times. Please note, however, that not every boxed version automatically works without at least a short-term internet connection! In this case it is worthwhile to get information from the manufacturer or to write us a short email.

In this category you will also find iLok dongles. You need these USB sticks especially in the professional sector to identify yourself as the owner of your software. The USB stick must be plugged into your computer every time you start the program and contains bundled license information that you have purchased from various manufacturers.