Toontrack EZbass BUNDLE EZBass + 2 EBX-Soundlibraries

Item: PCM0017004-000
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Virtual bass software instrument. Contains 2 sound libraries with samples from Fender & Alembic.  All product info

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Product information - Toontrack EZbass BUNDLE

EZBass + 2 EBX sound libraries

With the Toontrack EZbass Bundle you not only get the full version of the popular VST library, but two additional, freely selectable EBX expansions. Purchase, register online on the manufacturer, select products and download!

Toontrack EZbass

The Toontrack EZbass software is a welcome addition to the previous products in the EZ series, which include EZmix, EZkeys and the highly successful EZdrummer. This virtual instrument not only allows you to create authentic, sample-based bass sounds, but also replaces a bass player: the program supports every composer, arranger and musician with suggestions for the successful extension or generation of bass lines in all musical genres. To this end, it includes the intelligent tools Audio-to-MIDI and Tap-2-Find, with which a Bassline can be recorded directly, converted to MIDI and supplemented with licks, grooves and chord transitions of any complexity, as well as a generous MIDI library recorded by professional musicians, which has a suitable idea for every musical situation. Importing MIDI files is also possible: If EZbass is fed a chord progression or a drum groove via MIDI, it automatically invents a suitable bass track, which can of course be further processed manually or automatically. The grid editor, already known from EZkeys, allows working directly in the plug-in interface and the chord wheel helps the user to find suitable chords or option tones.

But the capabilities of Toontrack EZbass go even further: The program contains the samples of two bass guitars of the manufacturers Fender and Alembic as well as the articulations to be expected from professional software instruments, which here cover the entire spectrum of bass-typical playing techniques: EZbass masters the strokes finger, plectrum and slap as well as a whole range of expressive forms, including ghost notes, slides, flageolet, tapping and percussive strokes. Of course, the pickups of the sampled bass guitars can be mixed smoothly! Finally, the audio track played by EZbass can be given a professional sound preset or played out dry to the host DAW. If the bass sound doesn't deliver enough low end and isn't fat enough, a low-frequency sine wave can be added using the sub-bass synthesizer.

EZbass makes it easy to work on demos, arrangements and even professional productions, provides new ideas and inspiration and furthermore contains high-quality sounds and samples of real instruments. The program is equally suitable for beginners who want to get into the art of arranging as well as for professionals who want to improve their workflow: Even if you want to give up as little of your creativity as possible to the computer, EZbass provides valuable services by relieving you of standard tasks such as writing and editing MIDI files.

Toontrack EZbass Overview:

  • 2 fully sampled basses from Alembic (Modern) and Fender (Vintage) with crossfadeable pickups.
  • MIDI library with matching patterns for different genres
  • Playing styles plectrum, finger (both) and slap (modern only)
  • articulations: Alternate finger, index finger, middle finger, tapping, percussive left and right hand, ghost note, flageolet, ghost slap, slides, slap/pop, ghost slap
  • automatically finds basslines matching improvised drum/keyboard MIDIs using Tap-2-Find
  • Audio Tracker reliably converts audio files to MIDI
  • Chord transitions and grooves are automatically shaped
  • Chord Wheel helps find matching harmonies when arranging the lead sheet
  • Edit Play Style slider gradually increases the complexity of the bassline
  • Sub Bass control adds low frequency sine tones to Bassline for more foundation
  • numerous sound presets + DI mode that outputs only the dry signal to the DAW
  • MIDI Learn function
  • standalone mode

system requirements min:

  • 5GB free hard disk space
  • Win7/MacOS 10.19 64bit
  • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • 64bit capable DAW

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