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Akai Professional - Groove Sampler, Master Keyboards, DAW-Controller, Recording-Equipment

Akai, founded in 1929, manufactured motors for film projectors ever since. Through contact with the US manufacturer Roberts, Akai has been manufacturing and selling tape recorders since the 1950s, later under the Akai brand. In the 1980s, the Akai Professional division was developed. Under this label Akai became famous for their samplers. Akai's breakthrough in the field of musical instruments came with the S-series samplers - at the time the most famous representative was the S1000, followed by the still extremely popular music production stations of the MPC series and shifted to the field of MIDI controllers.

Product Palette from Akai professional

Today, Akai offers a wide range of cost-effective and professionally developed MIDI controllers. These include the excellently playable keyboards and the popular mini-controllers. Akai also offers interesting alternatives in the area of MIDI/Audio interfaces. Furthermore, the MPC series is still an important focus of Akai professional's product range, which is available as a standalone hardware sampler with the classic 16 pads as well as a hardware and software combination. The Akai EWI USB wind converter also gives wind instrumentalists access to electronic sounds.