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Analogue Solutions

Analogue Solutions

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Analogue Solutions

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Analogue Solutions

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This ensures the most authentic and lively sound possible, far from "calculated sterility". Even if some filter circuits are unmistakably influenced by Moog (Leipzig, Red Square), SEM (Telemark, Nyborg-12) and MS-20 (Vostok), the overall sound of "ASol" is independent enough to convince musicians throughout the decades. The clear operability and almost no double assignments have always contributed to its popularity.

Already early one presented several modules for the Eurorack modular system, beside classical analog components such as oscillators, filters or gate sequencers there were some drum modules, which could reproduce Roland's eternal classics TR-909, TR-808 and CR-78 in parts well.

In 2019, Analogue Solutions introduced the Colossus, an impressive analog synthesizer, which is probably unique in its dimensions and features now and for the next years. Optically and functionally similar to the EMS Synthi-100 from the early 70s, there has been nothing in the meantime to match it. 12 oscillators, 8 filters, 12 VCAs, 8 envelopes, 2 large pin matrix patch panels, oscilloscope, joysticks, step sequencers, touch keyboards and much more make up this exceptional instrument, which will only be available again in decades.