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Electronic Music Instruments from CASIO:
Play Keyboard, Learn Keyboard or Play Digital Piano

Casio is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic small appliances and is known world-wide for digital clocks, digital cameras, pocket calculators, projectors, cassette systems as well as for musical instruments. Casio synthesizers from the 80s are now highly coveted classics - today, Casio concentrates on portable keyboards and digital pianos, whereby the Japanese manufacturer always delivers surprises. The instruments from Casio make learning to play the piano and keyboard affordable and offer many features beyond those of far more expensive instruments. At the beginning of 2016, Casio released a sensational new digital piano series, the Celviano Grand-Hybrid. The digital piano was developed in close cooperation with the German traditional manufacturer Bechstein and has been equipped with real wood keys as well as a special hammer action.

Mini Keyboards, Portable Keyboards, Stage Pianos, Digital Pianos & Synthesizer

Casio's product portfolio begins with instruments for little ones who want to start their musical journey with the keyboard. Keyboards with mini-keys, portable keyboards with integrated Learning-Systems as well as with illuminated keys. Price-conscious beginners are offered a lot with the CDP models: sound, keyboard and effects. Also optically the compact brand pianos know to shine. If you want more flexibility as well as a great performance, you should take a look at the instruments of the Privia series - powerful digital pianos for home use and as transportable instruments for the road. The Celviano - the name of the flagship line from Casio: High-quality digital pianos with good sound quality and premium design. The top of the Celvianos is the Grand Hybrid, which comes close to the authentic feel of a true grand piano with genuine wooden keys and hammer mechanics.