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When Jürgen Michaelis was working on small midi interfaces and modifications for the TR-909 drum computer, among others, in 1995 in the technical community "X-Tended" in Berlin, he designed the logo J*M*X to give his own developments a name - Jürgen Michaelis X-Tended. The asterisks between the letters looked like "o "s, and from then on it was called JoMoX.


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In 1996 the first own product, the xBase09, was introduced; a drum computer with analog bass drum and snare sounds and sample-based hihats. In addition to the incredibly assertive sound, for the first time there was the possibility of recording so-called parameter locks in the sequencer of a primarily analog instrument, giving the programmed rhythms a liveliness like never before. This was followed by a rack version called AirBase99, which offered fewer controls but much more sounds and tracks. In 2000, Jomox introduced the SunSyn, a very comprehensive, fully analog synthesizer with eight voices and a cult factor that has remained to this day. A few years later xBase 999 and 888 were released, which included 10 instruments and the proven sequencer as well as several improvements. From the experimental synthesizer Resonator Neuronium, which had been released in small editions in the meantime, the commercially very successful filterboxes of the Resonator series were extracted; likewise, proven circuitry was transferred to the Eurorack modular system.

With the currently available Alpha Base, Jomox has created a drum synthesizer that contains not only the "most powerful bass drum in the world", but also the "Analog Membrane Modeling" synth mBrane, various filter functions, sample implementation and a complex FM synthesizer.

Exciting instruments with a partly experimental character can also be expected in the future.