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Manfred Fricke founded his engineering office in Berlin in 1976 and initially produced video games for slot machines. In 1980 the first self-developed and manufactured electronic musical instruments were introduced. Read more...

The company was also able to establish itself in the field of video editing and to build up an additional mainstay. Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the company in 2001, MFB's first analogue synthesizer appeared, which was based on the Minimoog and was simply called "Synth". From then on, numerous drum computers, expanders, synthesizers, Eurorack modules and effect boxes followed, some of which have long enjoyed cult status. The manufacturer always had a good price/performance ratio in mind and was able to win over many users. The current top model is the eight-voice synthesizer "Synth Pro", which has an elaborate analogue signal path and digital control and can be completely stored.