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Save More Now

Our new discount system lets you save money with almost every purchase. As soon as you have more than one item in your shopping cart, the orange “Save More Now” button will appear. When you click this button, a new window will open displaying the newly calculated discount. Please note that due to manufacturer restrictions, discount are not always possible, in this case the button will be grey and inactive. As soon as you add another item however, it may then be possible to apply a discount. Give it a try!


Secure discount

This pop-up calculates and shows you in detail the discount which is automatically deducted from your total. The package discount always applies to the shopping cart as a whole. As a result, all of the items in the cart are bundled together to form one new Package Product Number (e.g. PAP-BAS000…). Returns can only be made as a package, not individual items. If you agree, go ahead and "secure discount". 


Login & Checkout

Your package has been successfully created. Under the new Item Number, you can now see all of the items in your new package together with the discounted total price. It is possible for you to save even more by redeeming a Coupon, as long as your order meets the necessary conditions. Finally, all you have to do is go "to Login & Checkout” to complete the ordering process. 

Enjoy Shopping and Saving!