The Fender Champion Series

So easy to use and versatile that they fit any guitar style: No matter if Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, Metal or something completely different!

The Champion 20: Ideal practice amplifier! Clearly arranged control panel, cool effects and versatile sound variations inspire young guitarists who want to experiment with different styles of music.

The Champion 40: Versatile stage performer! The 40 Watt dual-channel amp with a 12" loudspeaker is a small power package and delivers, together with great sound variations and effects, an amazing guitar sound.

The Champion 50XL: Designed for players who want an easy-to-use amp packed with unbeatable performance and features.

The Champion 100: For the stage and rehearsal room! The 100 Watt two-channel Champion 100 with 2 x 12" speakers is a powerhouse. A total of 16 different amp voicings are available in Channel 2, with Fender's own simulations of the Tweed Champ or '65 Princeton being particularly authentic.

Available in our central warehouse
£ 299.00