Hohner XS

HOHNER XS - The perfect start into the world of music!

The HOHNER XS was developed for children from four to seven years of age so HOHNER made it 60 percent lighter than a traditional accordion. It covers the following range: treble side B3–G5 and three bass rows: F2–A2.

A robust plastic housing and an equally stable internal design were chosen when manufacturing this product.

Because it is not enough to shrink an accordion to a child’s size, HOHNER partnered with academics, music educators, and designers to develop the HOHNER XS. Its benefits: easy fastening with the Click'n'Play straps and a treble board with an ergonomically adjusted angle.

The HOHNER XS is equally suitable for children and adults, which is underlined by the adjustable wrist strap from the manufacturer.

The blue XS comes with a strap system for children, the grey XS is equipped with a strap system for adults. Both strap systems are also available separately, so that the desired colour can go hand in hand with the right strap.