With the VEGA Silent PAR series, lightmaXX presents professional and powerful LED PAR spotlights which are characterised not only by high light output but also by quiet operation. Equipped with powerful LEDs, VEGA Silent PAR is available in five different versions paired with excellent colour mixing. In addition to red, green, blue and white, amber and UV offer unlimited colour design possibilities. No matter which colours you want to create; from strong colours to soft pastel shades - the VEGA Silent PAR spotlights leave nothing to be desired!

All spotlights can be controlled both in stand-alone mode with Master & Slave function and in DMX mode. With the built-in microphone, the spotlights can also be controlled via music. Thanks to many features such as adjustable dimmer, stroboscope with adjustable speed, static colours, colour change and colour fading, there are no limits to a creative light show!

The VEGA Silent PAR series has another decisive advantage: all models feature a die-cast housing, which offers the advantage that the housings are stable and robust, but also have good heat dissipation properties. And don't worry about unwanted noises - all spotlights have a temperature-controlled fan built in, so that quiet operation is possible. This makes the LED PAR spotlights versatile and suitable for stage lighting, decorative lighting and permanent installations.