lightmaXX Fog Machines and Hazer.

Fog effects are real classics among the standard effects and almost indispensable for lighting equipment when a light show has to be staged. Fog effects intensify the spatial effect of the light show at parties or in nightclubs by making the light effects appear three-dimensional.  Used on stages, they create a mysterious atmosphere and are able to show off stage design and light shows to their best effect.

With the fog machines and hazers from lightmaXX you can easily create spectacular and atmospheric fog effects. Whether for smaller events, bars, nightclubs or the stage - the fog machines and hazers from lightmaXX convince with their extensive features and performance.

lightmaXX Fog Machines

With the conventional fog machine, fog fluid is heated and evaporated. The result is very fine drops that are ejected through a nozzle. Fog machines create a cloud of artificial fog that floats in space and lets the rays of light effects become visible. After some time, this cloud of fog dilutes again.

lightmaXX Hazer

In contrast to the conventional fog machine, the Hazer continuously generates a fine haze, which in the ideal case is almost invisible, but nevertheless ensures that the rays of the light effects are revealed. Hazers are mainly used on stages or large events to stage the light show.

Available in our central warehouse
£ 206.00
Available in our central warehouse
£ 397.00